Lucky was the victim of a vicious attack that shattered her jaw and left her unable to close her mouth. The cruel trick is employed by farmers in rural areas to prevent animals from destroying crops. A potent explosive, known as a ‘hakkapatas’, is hidden in food that is likely to be stumbled upon by… Read More »

Remember Missy Elliot, who was given her name by visiting British artiste, Joss Stone? Missy was receiving treatment in our hospital for a severe skin condition and weak back legs, since she was rescued in February 2016. This month, Missy who had transformed into a beautiful dog was adopted by Dulan, who had been following… Read More »

The next Embark Adult Dog Adoption Day is scheduled for the 17th of July (Sunday) from 2.30 pm – 5.00 pm at the ODEL Alexandra Place car park. Several of our rescued adult dogs will be coming for the programme hoping to find loving families to call their own. Please call us on 777740129 for… Read More »

Andy, was rescued from Kalpitiya by Mr Mahinsa last week. Little Andy has a vertebral fracture but it is healing well. Andy receives physiotherapy to help strengthen his weak muscles and it is only a matter of weeks before he is able to walk and run.

We were delighted at the turnout at the last Puppy Adoption Day in Ja Ela on Saturday. 14 out of 18 pups found homes found their forever homes. We will be visiting each of the pups in the coming weeks to ensure they are being looked after well. A big thank you to all who… Read More »

The Puppy adoption day in Colombo was held on the 26th of June at ODEL Alexandra Place Car Park. 20 out of 28 pups found their forever homes. All pups will be visited by our field team to ensure they are well looked after and are happy in their new homes

Embark, together with Best Care Animal Hospital carried out a vaccination and treatment program in Aranayake from the 21st to the 27th of July. The programme was funded by the Fondation Brigitte Bardot. The team was able to vaccinate 2000 plus owned and roaming street dogs and provide treatment for more than 200. We are… Read More »

The Embark Puppy Adoption Day will be held on the 9th of July from 3.00 – 5.00 pm at the K-Zone, Ja Ela. All puppies brought to the programme are vaccinated and female pups are also sterilised. All puppies will be given free to kind homes.

A lucky break for Pinky. It was a lucky day for Pinky, when she decided to walk down the lane in Mulleriyawa where Tharindu lived. It was a painful walk because of the surgery she had undergone. Pinky lived on the streets and was getting on in years. One day she was hit by a… Read More »

Embark launched its newest collection this month. The Welfare Collection is now available at all Embark stores, Odel Alexandra Place, Odel Ja Ela, Cool Planet and Uptown Kandy. The trademark t shirts carry bold statements on standing up against cruelty and abuse.

Caesar is a Doberman who was found wandering the streets of Panadura with a tumor like growth under his tail. Ms De Silva, who spotted him, decided to take him in temporarily and get him the help he needed. Caesar was hospitalised and underwent surgery to remove the tumor which was benign. He is an… Read More »

The heavy rains that caused severe flooding on the 15th of May left many displaced and without homes. Lives were lost, people and animals were stranded without shelter. While army personnel worked on rescuing the people, Embark joined a hands with veterinarians and other welfare groups to rescue animals that had been left behind in… Read More »

There were smiles all around as Embark set a new adoption record this month. Three Adoption Days were held in Ja Ela, Kandy and Colombo. A total of 62 lucky puppies were placed in loving homes. The Embark field team tirelessly followed up on each of the pups to ensure they were settling in well… Read More »

The Embark Puppy Adoption Day in Colombo will be held on the 26th of June at the ODEL Alexandra Place Car Park from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm. All pups brought to the program are rescues off the streets, they have been looked after in foster care, vaccinated, female pups are sterilised and socialised. They… Read More »

The Embark team, along with a veterinarian from Best Care Animal Hospital, carried out a number of treatments and vaccinations in response to requests received from caring citizens. The team plans to continue this program weekly.

Luca, who was rescued with a badly injured hind leg and tail from Ragama in May, went back to his community last week. Luca was brought to our veterinarian, where he immediately underwent surgery to amputate leg and tail, as they could not be saved. He made a speedy recovery, quickly adjusting to life on… Read More »

The Puppy Adoption Day was held on the 11th of June at the Embark store in Galle. 13 rescued street pooches, all vaccinated and sterilised found their forever homes at the program. The next adoption program will be in Colombo on the 26th of June at the ODEL Aexandra Place Car Park at 2.30pm.

Lucky was brought by Embark to Colombo from Kandy in the hope of finding a solution for her damaged lower jaw.  She was a victim of an explosive called ‘Hakkapatas’ left to kill or maim wild boar.  She survived the accident but found it very hard to swallow her food. A kind family fed her,… Read More »

Floody, was rescued during the heavy storms and floods we experienced in May. His family had abandoned their home and left him behind locked in a cage. Frank, who had seen Floody’s appeal for a home contacted us a few weeks later and on the 11th Saturday, he went to his forever home in Galle.… Read More »

Missy Elliot, rescued in February 2016 was abandoned on the streets after being used for breeding. She had a severe skin condition and a complication in her gait. After months of treatment, Missy turned out to be a beautiful dog. And Dulan who had seen her on the first day was ready to adopt her.… Read More »