Sri Lanka has warm weather year round but the past two months have brought intense heat like never before. Pet owners should take extra care of their dogs on hot days. Remember to make sure your dog plenty of shade and clean drinking water at all times. Walking dogs before 7am or after 7pm is… Read More »

Otara’s Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations included rescuing little Peanut. He had been attacked by a leopard and suffered a damaged his spinal cord. He was being cared for by army officers in Arugam Bay but without access to adequate veterinary care, they were unable to repair the damage. He came all the way… Read More »

Lassy was rescued from the Keells Super in Thalawathugoda. Her entire body was inflamed and causing severe discomfort. She could only walk very slowly and with much pain. Once in the hospital, tests confirmed she had filaria that had progressed into elephantiasis. Lassy went into surgery to remove some of the growths and she was… Read More »

Peanut, the pup rescued from Arugam Bay with a spinal cord injury is now walking. He will move in to foster care this week as it will help him socialize better and adapt to a home environment. Peanut will be at one of our adoption programs once his vaccinations are completed.

Responding to a call, the Embark rescued a Labrador from Ragama, that had been abandoned and left to drown. The owners had left the house due to the extreme weather conditions. Floody is receiving medical care at the hospital. If you would like to donate to Floody or any other rescued dog, please use this… Read More »

Embark Puppy Adoption Day was held in Kandy on the 14th of May. 21 pups found their forever homes at the program. The team will follow up within the week to ensure the pups are settling in well with the new families. Thank you to the Kandy City Centre for the location, fosters, volunteers and… Read More »

The Embark team periodically carries out follow up visits on pups adopted. All rescued pups are vaccinated and females, sterilized before they are re-homed. The adopters are also questioned and sign a MOU which Embark holds them to with regards to conditions of care for the puppies adopted. This time around it was amazing to… Read More »

Daisy was rescued from Thalahena with a tumor like growth under her stomach. Once tests are carried out the growth will be surgically removed. Daisy will remain at hospital until her wound is completely healed. If you would like to donate to Daisy or any other rescued dog, please use this link or send… Read More »

The Embark Puppy Adoption program in Kandy will be held on the 14th of May at the Kandy City Centre Terrace from 10.30 am – 12.00 pm. If you are interested in adopting a pup, please visit us at the City Centre. Adopting a rescued street pup not only changes your life but also gives… Read More »

Embark Adoption Day will be held at K – Zone Ja Ela outside the ODEL store on the 7th of May from 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm. 22 healthy pups nurtured in foster care will be brought for the program and given free to good homes.

Becky was rescued by Embark near the Sri Jayawardenapura University with a broken lower jaw.  With the help of our veterinary partner, Becky was able to undergo surgery and is currently recovering at hospital. If you would like to donate to Becky or any other rescued dog please use this online link or send us… Read More »

Lassy was rescued from Thalawathugoda, her whole body was swollen and she was finding it very difficult to move about. Further tests confirmed she had filaria. Lassy underwent surgery to remove parts of the growth on her legs in addition to a course of medication. After a month of treatment the next big hurdle was… Read More »

Lucky, rescued from Rajagiriya with a severe skin condition is recovering well at hospital. With regular treatment his skin rash has healed and is no longer in pain. Lucky will be released this week to the community who have promised to care for him.

Sam was rescued by a kind person from Malabe, he was lying on the street with fractures on both hind legs. With the help of Embark Sam underwent surgery, during which a pin was inserted in to one leg and a splint on the other. Sam will be with us until he is able to… Read More »

Embark concluded an adoption program on the 24th of April in which 16 puppies found their forever homes. All pups are vaccinated and sterilized before they are given up for adoption. If you are interested to adopt a street pup please email [email protected]

Sri Lanka has a growing street dog population which has been estimated at between one and three million. Merely putting these dogs in shelters is not a sustainable long term solution. The space, manpower and food alone needed to maintain a shelter requires large amounts of consistent funding. It also takes the responsibility away from… Read More »

Little Molly would receive an outpouring of love each time photos of her sitting up on her hind legs with twinkling eyes and a wide smile were posted on Facebook, but what she needed more than anything was a loving home. Molly became a long-time resident at the Embark hospital, following an accident that left… Read More »

We first met Dr. Vinitha Gunawardena almost a year ago when the Embark field team visited her in rural Dehiattakandiya. We took a veterinarian to conduct medical check for the first time on her large brood of dogs and cats. In March 2016, we went back, taking her some much needed funds that were the… Read More »

We are proud to say Embark launched more concept stores at Uptown Kandy, Liberty Plaza and Cool Planet this month! Inspired by Otara’s very own street pooch trio; Niko, Bandit and Rozzy, the stores offer an extensive range of clothing and accessories for Embark fans of all ages.

Buddy is a very friendly senior dog who is receiving treatment for a severe fungal rash. We expect him to make a full recovery in about four weeks. His rescuer, Mr Wijemanne, has volunteered to pay Buddy’s boarding costs for the duration of his stay in the hospital. If you would like to help with… Read More »