Embark will be in Galle just before the New Year! The puppy adoption day will be on the 10th of April from 10.30 am – 12.00 pm at the Embark Store in Galle Fort. All puppies at adoption day are over 2.5 months age, fully vaccinated and sterilized.

Biscuit was rescued during the last week of March by Michelle in Moratuwa. Michelle informed us about finding and picking up Biscuit who was struggling to move at a petrol shed with a severe skin condition. She was also severely emaciated and unable to move to get food. Thanks to Michelle, Biscuit has now been… Read More »

Embark successfully completed the puppy adoption day on Sunday 27th March, 2016. 15 out of 17 puppies found homes at the event which included the adoption of an adult dog. Thank you to all the volunteers, fosters and to all those who adopted!

Rescued by a kind lady earlier this month, Rocky came to us with a large laceration on his front leg. He was in severe pain and very afraid, the lady who rescued him had to watch for several days before she finally got a chance to catch him. Following his capture, Rocky was brought to… Read More »

Rescued from Mattakkuliya with sever constipation, Casper needed urgent surgery which was performed on Monday to ease his pain. He is now on the mend and finally able to eat and move without the severe pain that limited his movement before. During surgery, the vets found stones, hair and other indigestible material in his stomach,… Read More »

Embark launched two more concept stores at Uptown Kandy, Liberty Plaza and Cool Planet recently. As compact versions of the standalone Embark Store in the Galle Fort, the spaces replicate the unique and colorful pooch-themed ambience the brand is known for. Inspired by the street pooch trio; Niko, Bandit and Rozzy, the stores offer an… Read More »

The Embark adoption day in Colombo will be held on the 27th of March from 2.30 – 5.00 pm at ODEL Alexandra Place. Whether you’re looking to do a great thing for an animal in need or you want to make sure to find a dog whose personality is a great fit with yours, a… Read More »

Missy Elliot was rescued by a kind passerby from Piliyandala in February, abandoned on the streets after being used for breeding, with a broken pelvis. Missy also has a terrible skin rash and a problem walking due to her pelvic bone and being kept caged for a prolonged period of time. She is an otherwise… Read More »

Buddy was rescued last week after being spotted by Roberto on several occasions lying on the side of the road, unable to move. He was fed but it wasn’t enough to keep him healthy. Embark picked up this Buddy early this week. He is an older dog who is weak, anemic and has a severe… Read More »

The mass CNVR programme being conducted in Dambulla, in Sri Lanka’s Central Province, officially drew to a close on the 29th of February. It was launched in September 2015, following the completion of Project Sigiriya. The six month programme consisted of 47 clinic days during which, 3077 vaccinations were administered and 2102 sterilisations were completed.… Read More »

Embark headed down to Galle for the first time this Valentine’s Day to share some puppy love on the South Coast of Sri Lanka. Crowds were gathering at the Embark Store at 33, Lighthouse Street well before the event began. Everyone was hoping to cuddle or even catch a glimpse of the nine adorable rescue… Read More »

Pint size Roy came to us with a hernia and broken foreleg that were the result of an accident. His injuries called for multiple surgeries but being a spunky little pup at heart, he quickly bounced back on three legs. We were delighted when a little girl who came to our Colombo Adoption Day in… Read More »

This month we had a very special visitor, who was none other than Joss Stone! She visited Sri Lanka to hold two performances, the proceeds of which were donated to Embark for the benefit of Sri Lanka’s street dogs. She also took the time to meet our latest rescue, who she named Missy Elliot after… Read More »

Embark marked World Spay Day 2016 with an awareness campaign that ran throughout the week leading up to February 23rd. The campaign outlined the importance of sterilisation in a country with a growing street dog population that has been estimated at between one and three million. The practice of sterilisation is not embraced by the… Read More »

Golfie was rescued from the Colombo Golf Club following an accident with a train. She has a spinal cord compression and a broken tail which has made it difficult for her to walk. She is currently receiving physiotherapy and we hope with time she will be able to walk on her own. If you would… Read More »

Roy came to us with a hernia and a badly injured leg. There was no way to save little Roy’s leg which had to be amputated. However Roy made as much effort as the doctors to get back up on his remaining three legs after surgery, and he quickly adjusted to his new life. Nayomi… Read More »

Kelly was rescued last month with a small cancerous growth on her mammary gland. After further testing and treatment it was decided that Kelly needed surgery to remove the growth. Following surgery doctors found that Kelly had no other growth and the tumor was removed successfully. Kelly went home last week to the community that… Read More »

Embark Negombo Adoption day was held on 12th March 2016. 13 out of 16 pups including Paddy one of our older dogs found their forever homes at the event. Embark does follow-up calls and visits within a week to ensure the dogs and their families are settling into each other’s lives well. Thank you to… Read More »

18 puppies found their forever homes at the Embark Colombo puppy adoption day on the 28th of February. The star of the adoption day was little Roy – our three legged pup.  We are grateful to all those who adopted a street pooch and gave them a 2nd chance to enjoy the good life. Our… Read More »

Phase VI of the Dambulla CNVR programme came to an end on the 29th of February. This program is funded by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, partnered by TAPA Sri Lanka and the Dambulla Municipal Council. 97 sterilisations and 125 vaccinations were completed in Phase VI of the programme.