Winter was rescued by a kind family from Flower road with an injury on her leg. They boarded her at at the hospital at their own expense and supported her treatment until she recovered. The family requested our help to find a good home for her. At our last adoption programme Winter found her forever… Read More »

The team went on follow up visits recently and brought back some happy pictures and wonderful stories.  All pups were adopted at the Ward Place adoption day in January were looked after so well by their families. Chanula Weerasinghe – Adopted Blacky , Madushan Priyankara – Adopted Bulto

Embark returns to Ja Ela K-Zone this February for puppy adoption day. Over 20 rescue pups (and a few dogs) who truly deserve kind homes will be brought for the event. The adoption Day event will be held from 3 pm to 5pm. Call 0777740129 for more details.

 Ally was rescued this week from Kelaniya with a large mammary tumor. Mr Herath had seen the dog on several occasions walking around on the street with difficulty. Ally will undergo surgery to remove the growth and once the surgical site heals she will be vaccinated and sterilized and released to the shop keeper who… Read More »

The Embark field team will be in Dambulla from the 25th – 29th of February for the final Dambulla CNVR session. The program is supported by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, TAPA Sri Lanka and the Dambulla Muncipal Council. Upon completion, the program would have performed over 2005 surgeries, 2952 anti-rabies vaccinations and treated more than… Read More »

Embark completed a very successful adoption program in Galle on Valentine’s Day. 8 pups found their forever homes and many more were requested! Despite it being our first time, there was a big crowd gathered before the start of the event and many who visited were keen on adoption. Reception was so good that we plan… Read More »

Six students from the British School in Colombo who are working towards The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award have picked Embark to complete the service section of the Bronze Level. This is the world’s leading youth achievement award. Through their work at Embark, they are learning the benefits of this service to their community. The… Read More »

 Adoption is one of Embark’s core work areas. Every month we place 40 – 45 puppies in safe and loving homes. However, there is a lot of work that goes into creating the happy moment when a cute and cuddly puppy meets its new owner. Prior to adoption, embark ensures that each pup is healthy,… Read More »

 Sensi, the resident dog at the Bambalapitiya Police Station in Colombo, found herself pregnant and then also the victim of a car accident late last year. She hobbled back to her home with a fractured leg where her carers searched in vain for a solution. Their first vet visit yielded an unsettling verdict, surgery to… Read More »

 Embark has always placed a strong focus on educating the community and spreading awareness. Going into the New Year we plan to expand our school education programme beyond just primary and secondary students to cover all school age children. The programme itself will also cover a wider range of topics. We will be teaching children… Read More »

Going into 2016, the Otara Foundation is looking to further its efforts to build a compassionate Sri Lanka. Last year we began collecting signatures to get the new Animal Welfare Bill passed in Parliament.  On the 14th of January 2016, the Bill was passed by Cabinet to go through to the legal draftsman. One small… Read More »

Mr. Dissanayake first called about Senzi several months ago. Senzi was a dog that lived near the Bambalapitiya police and had one day met with an accident which fractured her leg. When Senzi was brought in she was also found to be pregnant. Embark and the doctors worked together to find a solution which helped… Read More »

   Hydra now Raya was seen been run over by a bus in Kahathuduwa. Embark was contacted and she was picked up immediately and underwent an amputation as her leg was crushed in the accident.  She is now fully recovered and was adopted by her rescuers. She is an energetic and loving dog who does… Read More »

 Little Tripoli was rescued by Melanie near the Tripoli Market early last week with an eye injury caused by a road traffic accident.  She is awaiting surgery currently as she was too small and not healthy enough to undergo immediate surgery. Her eye will need to be removed as it is too far damaged for… Read More »

Embark Adoption day will be held in Galle for the first time ever this 14th February. The event will be held at the Embark Store in the Galle Fort. Drop in if you are in the area and would like to be at the event or better yet if you are interested in adopting.  Give… Read More »

The Embark team goes on follow up visits to check on those who adopted pups from Embark at our adoption programs. This is done to ensure that the new owners are comfortable with their new addition and that the pups are well cared for. More often than not we find the pups well looked after… Read More »

Rescued in November from Ratmalana, Eve came to Embark in shock and with a deep laceration on her stomach caused by a road traffic accident. She began receiving treatment and within a few days into being admitted she was alert and her wound began healing slowly. Whilst she was loved and cared for in hospital… Read More »

 Embark successfully completed phase V of the Dambulla CNVR programme this January. A total of 431 sterilisations and 614 vaccinations on owned and roaming dogs was completed with a number other minor medical procedures primarily to heal skin problems. The program was partnered by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, TAPA Sri Lanka and the Dambulla Municipal… Read More »

 Kabali was rescued from Isipathana road on the 11th of January. A badly healed fracture coupled with an open wound on his front leg had resulted in pain and difficulty walking, whilst also leaving him open to risk of life threatening infection. He is currently hospitalized and is receiving treatment much needed treatment.

George was lying helpless on the street when Nimesha found him and called Embark. He had a gaping wound on his neck most likely caused by a road traffic accident which resulted in shock and temporary paralysis. George was admitted to Embark and received daily treatment and wound dressing. He is steadily improving and we… Read More »