Embark is the leading dog welfare organisation in Sri Lanka and the first of its kind. In eight short years, Embark has paved the way for other welfare organisations and like-minded individuals to reach out to street dogs. If you would like to dedicate your time to help run adoption drives, rehabilitate sick or injured… Read More »

Little Panda shot to fame among Embark fans after she was rescued at just two weeks of age. Panda and her three siblings were found huddled around their dead mother, who had been hit and killed by a passing car in Mathugama. The puppies had grown weak and broken out in fly infested sores after… Read More »

This Christmas, Embark has launched a special campaign to raise funds for the treatment of sick and injured street dogs. Day after day, homeless dogs without any medical care, struggle to survive the harsh conditions of the streets. Skin rashes, broken limbs, trans venereal tumours are painful, often fatal and all too common. This season… Read More »

The third phase of Project Dambulla was completed on the 16th of November 2015. The ten day Catch- Neuter-Vaccinate-Release clinic was carried out by Embark together with TAPA Sri Lanka, Fondation Brigitte Bardot and the Dambulla Municipal Council. A total of 580 vaccines and 430 sterilisations were completed. In three short months, the team has… Read More »

November has been called ‘Senior-dog adoption month’ and in the spirit of celebrating our older dogs, we wanted to share our delight about Jambo and Matty, who were adopted in November after a long wait. Jumbo is an energetic bundle of joy who considered lovingly hurling himself at us, a friendly greeting! After recovering from… Read More »

We kicked off this wonderful season of giving with a one day CNVR Programme held on Saturday the 5th of December 2015. Embark teamed up with Dr Aruni Ranathunga from Gampola and completed 42 sterilisations and 65 vaccinations in the scenic Ulapane, SAARC Village.  Embark CNVR programmes are designed not only to humanely and effectively… Read More »

Little Snowball, who lost an eye due to a road traffic accident has been in hospital since October this year, found a loving home at our last Adoption Day. Mr. Nadun Wimalasuriya adopted this little bundle of joy and took him home to a large family of doggy brothers and sisters!

 Adoption Day in Colombo for the month of December was brought forward to give all the puppies a chance to find a home in time for Christmas. 13 lucky pups found forever homes and we were delighted that Snowball (one of our special needs pups) was one of these lucky little pooches. If you missed… Read More »

Remember little Snowball who appeared on Facebook bounding playfully through the grass? He was rescued with an injured eye that had to be surgically removed. He went on to make a full recovery and is back to having the boundless energy of any other puppy his age.  Take your own little Snowball home this Christmas,… Read More »

Embark together with Dr Roshan Fernandopulle of Four Paws Animal Hospital completed the second round of treatments at the Ragama General Hospital.  Dogs treated in the first session have shown great improvement thanks to staff at the hospital who have been administering medication and monitoring their health.  Embark would like to make special mention of… Read More »

It is time for Adoption Day again!  If you have been seriously considering adopting a doggie companion for a while, this is an ideal time to find just the right fit. Visit us at the ODEL Alexandra Place car park on the 06th of December between 2.30pm and 5.00pm to take home a best friend… Read More »

It is Adult Adoption Day on the 14th of November from 2.30 pm – 5.00 pm at ODEL Alexandra Place. Contrary to popular belief adopting adult dogs is just as rewarding as raising dogs from puppyhood. Plus, with an adult you generally know what you’re getting in terms of temperament and behavior, so you can… Read More »

The third phase of Project Dambulla got underway on the 7th of November 2015. The ten day Catch- Neuter-Vaccinate-Release clinic is being carried out by Embark together with TAPA Sri Lanka, Foundation Brigitte Bardot and the Dambulla Municipal Council.

 Ayita was rescued in Awissawella. The frightened pup was spotted running away from a small child who was chasing and hitting her. Little Ayita is now in Embark’s care, receiving treatment for tick fever, liver failure, malnutrition and a skin rash. She is getting better every day and has already begun to make friends at… Read More »

Following repeated requests for veterinary medical help for street dogs from various sites in Ragama, Embark decided to work on a plan to cover each location requested.  After much planning and several site visits Embark set out on the 5th of November to the Ragama General Hospital for a treatment program together with Dr Roshan… Read More »

Frisbee is a rescue pooch who was dumped in the middle of a busy road in Colombo. A nervous, terrified puppy – Frisbee spent his first few days huddled under chairs and tables at his foster home.  With a little bit of coaxing and a many many treats Frisbee came out of his shell and… Read More »

Despite torrential rain, October was a month of many adoptions. 22 rescue pups found their forever homes during the two adoption days in October, and a whopping 50 pups found homes during the month of October. Embark would like to say a big thank you to all those who braved the rain to come to… Read More »

Sri Lanka has a street dog population that has been estimated to be between one and two million. Every day hundreds of puppies are born on the streets; many do not survive. Uncaring pet owners add to rising numbers by dumping their unwanted, sick or injured pets on the streets or in public places. These… Read More »

On September 28th, coinciding with World Animal Day 2015, the Otara Foundation launched a campaign to appeal the passing of the amended Animal Welfare Bill. The Embark crew, dedicated volunteers and other caring individuals took it upon themselves to collect signatures throughout the month of October. An online petition was also set up at https://www.otarafoundation.com/donate-now/ to… Read More »

The 21st of October marked the opening of Embark’s third stand-alone store. The first store was opened in Galle, the second at Bandaranaike International Airport and the third and newest outlet is located in Kandy. You will find Embark on the third floor of Kandy’s trendiest mall, the Kandy City Centre (KCC). It is colourful,… Read More »