Join us to give a forever home to lovely puppies at our next Adoption Days held in Colombo

The story of J1 and J1, two inseparable puppies who were found suffering with acute skin conditions was recently featured on popular international animal news website “The Dodo.” The pups were rescued and treated with much care and love by the Embark and hospital teams. As a result, J1 and J2’s recovery and transformation was… Read More »

Embark successfully conducted the first mobile treatments, sterilizations and vaccinations clinic for the month of March in Pannipitiya, Thalawathugoda and Maharagama areas.

Embark in collaboration with the Leo club of SAEGIS Campus held another Puppy petting event at the SAEGIS Campus, Kohuwala on the 14th of March 2018. The event was organized to raise awareness and to spread the message of love and compassion for all lives among the students and members of the Leo district of… Read More »

Join us to give a forever home to lovely puppies at our next Adoption Days held in Colombo

Clinic in Anuradhapura Embark, in collaboration with The Alliance for the Protection of Community Dogs and Animal Protection Trust, conducted a veterinary clinic in Anuradhapura. A total of 258 dogs were sterilized in Ruwanvalisaya, Ilippukulam, Wijeypura Cemetery and other areas in Anuradhapura. 311 vaccinations were done and 32 dogs were treated for skin conditions and… Read More »

Embark successfully conducted sterizations, vaccinations and treatments for the dogs in Kelaniya and Attidiya area this month. A total of 71 dogs were vaccined and 18 were treated at the clinics held in these two locations.

Embark held Adoption Days at the Good Market – Colombo and K Zone – Jaela on the 6 th and 21 st of January. Giving a great beginning to their year we were able to find forever homes for 63 puppies and dogs. Join us for the next adoption day held on 27 January at Embark HQ,… Read More »

Embark held 3 Adoption Days in the month of November, at Embark Headquarters and Good Market, Colombo, where 66 street dogs found loving homes. This included adult dogs like Milo, Mars and Browny.

Otara opened the Embark Love Shop located at its headquarters on Jawatte Road recently.  A pop-up store selling gifts for Christmas. Products include a line of clothing and accessories for people; monochrome t-shirts with pooch-inspired taglines, upcycled notebooks, batik motif soft toys and shawls, Embark’s iconic flip-flops and wristbands, seasonal goodies and more. In keeping with the growing… Read More »

Embark held Adoption Day at Embark Head Quarters on the 14th of October, where 11 puppies and Bigu found forever homes. Join us for the next Adoption Day at the Good Market, Racecourse on the 28th of October.

Embark conducted a clinic at the premises of Welisara Hospital and successfully carried out countless sterilizations, vaccinations and treatments on the homeless dogs and cats in the area. 40 sterilizations, 60 vaccinations and treatments were done at the clinic. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Embark Adoption Day was held on the 30th of September at the Good Market, Colombo. It was a day full of love, kindness and doggy snuggles, where 12 pooches found forever homes. Join us on our next Adoption Day at Embark HQ on the 14th of October for more canine cuteness. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″… Read More »

The pooch-inspired fashion brand opened its 10 th store at K-Zone, Ja-Ela on the 29 th of September. Embark portrays the rising trend of brands which are backed by a purpose of goodwill. The brand is well known for its association to a positive social cause by focusing on selling a range of clothing that communicates a message… Read More »

Raven, Karu & Daisy were rescued from different parts of Colombo and they were suffering from severe wounds and skin conditions.

The Embark Clinic was conducted at Mount Lavinia beach, in collaboration with Mount Lavinia Hotel, Island Hostels and Vets for Future, where 33 surgeries and treatments were performed.

Otara recently paid a visit to Marina and her team at Dog Care Clinic e.V located in Thalpe. It was great to see all the wonderful work they had been doing so far. The place was filled with street and neglected pedigree dogs who were recovering well with the love, care and attention they deserved. Wishing the Marina… Read More »

A stress relief program was organized by the ICBT Medical Science Batch during the month of July. The day was filled with puppy licks and cuddles for both the students and teachers. We are glad to say that 2 of the pups we took for the program found their forever home as well.

Randy was our favourite blind boy at the hospital. He came to us 5 years ago after a road traffic accident. His eyes had popped out due to the impact and sadly Randy became blind. He used to sit still for hours during the first few weeks, not knowing what happened to him. His world… Read More »