Sudu was brought from Piliyandala with a wound on the side of her stomach. Further investigations showed that it was indeed a cancerous growth. She is currently receiving medical treatment but will need to undergo surgery to remove the cancer once her blood work is better. She needs support with her medical bills. If you… Read More »

10 years of Embark was a celebration of all the dogs we helped heal and re home over the years. And what better way to celebrate than with an adoption day at the Sooriya Village? 4 pups including Devi who is one of our adult dogs found their forever families on the day. Looking back,… Read More »

The team carried out several mobile treatment visits over the month. The visits are based on the hotline calls, Facebook messages and emails we receive on a daily basis. Basic treatments are provided for skin conditions, minor infections and other small ailments. Please call us on 773429025 or send us an email to [email protected] if… Read More »

The team carried out several mobile treatment visits during the week. Most often it is to treat pups/ adult dogs with skin conditions. It is wonderful to see communities come forward to care for the street dogs in their area. Please call us on 773429025 for more details on the visits

11 out of 14 pups found their forever homes at our recent adoption program in Ja ela. This includes a loving forever home for one of our favorite adult dogs, Tally. An adoption program is a chance we create for people to make a conscious decision to give a street dog a forever home. Often… Read More »

Queen was found on the streets of Colombo with a maggot infested wound on his ear and other burn marks on his face and head. Further investigations found Queen to be a victim of an acid attack. A heartless human being had thrown acid on him and left him to die. Fortunately for Queen, Deepal… Read More »

The recent floods affected the lives of many people and animals. Embark launched a rescue mission to help these animals, together with the help of many volunteers who also conducted their own rescue programs. It was a pleasure to see that many families had not left their pets behind which was a stark contrast to… Read More »

The volunteer training program was held on the 20th of May at the Sooriya Village. The objectives of the training day was to review the volunteer training manual, answer any questions related to volunteer opportunities at Embark, and build Embark’s volunteer community. If you would like to be a part of our next volunteer day… Read More »

A sterilization and vaccination campaign was held from the 6th – 9th of May at the Pooneryn Army base. The program was funded by the generosity of donors together with Embark funds. With the funds raised, Embark managed to treat, sterilize and vaccinate more than 200 street dogs inside the camp. The veterinary partner for… Read More »

A cow and a calf rescued from the slaughter house was looked after by the priest at the Pillawa Temple. The cow had unfortunately suffered injuries during her transportation and was unable to stand up as her hind legs were damaged. The Embark team along with the vets from Best Care Animal Hospital and the… Read More »

The puppy adoption program held on Saturday the 27th of May found homes for 18 rescued pups. All of them were taken from the streets and looked after by fosters who have brought them up with love and care. The team will be following up within the week to check if they have settled in… Read More »

The volunteer training program was held on the 20th of May at the Sooriya Village. The objectives of these training programs are to create basic awareness about doggy rescue and help others to do similar rescue work so more dogs can get the help they need. We hope that through these programs we will not… Read More »

Pettah was rescued from the streets of Pettah after a road traffic accident. The kind people in the area were unable to help him as he was quite fierce and in a lot of pain. Embark managed to catch Pettah and bring him to the hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment for a broken… Read More »

Rubi was rescued from Panagoda with 2 broken front legs. She had met with an accident but the vet in the area had amputated a part of one leg leaving it with an open wound. Rubi underwent surgery to amputate the leg and the other leg was dressed with a splint. She is now recovering… Read More »

The Embark team celebrated Awurudu in true Sri Lankan fashion, respecting the age old Sinhala and Hindu traditions. Rediscovering customs that are dying out, the team had a wonderful time preparing ‘Awurudu Kevili’ and learning how to draw the traditional ‘Kolam Designs’. This was a wonderful experience and helped the team reconnect with Sri Lankan… Read More »

Hampden was rescued from Wellawatte with a broken jaw. He will need to undergo surgery and be at hospital until the wounds are healed. If you would like to support Hampden with his medical costs, you can donate here.

Jackson who was rescued from Piliyandala with a maggot infested wound on his ear returned home last week. He was glad to be back home.

A sterilization, vaccination and treatment program will be held from the 6th – 9th May at the Pooneryn Army camp. The program is funded by a crowd funding initiative. If you would like to do similar programs in your area , please contact us