Embark always tries to raise awareness about the cruelty behind chaining and caging animals. Angi is yet another victim of being chained for far too long. She was rescued from Angoda, with a gaping wound around her neck caused by the rope that she was tied with. Thankfully Angi has made a speedy recovery, and… Read More »

Fiona, our 3 legged pooch at the hospital is in need of a forever home. She is about 5 years, very calm and prefers to be on her own. Fiona is a friendly dog and will be ideal for a family. Please email/ call us if you would like to adopt her!

Sunday, rescued by Otara from the streets of Bambalapitiya was finding it hard to find her forever home. Older dogs sadly find it very difficult to find a home. She visited the Embark HQ for a few days, and decided that she liked it! Sunday is now an official Embark pooch along with the 6… Read More »

12 puppies found their forever homes at our recent adoption day which was held in Colombo. The team checked up on the pups with follow up calls and found all pups to have settled in with the new families. We will be visiting the homes of the adopters in due course.

Uber partnered with Embark on Valentine’s Day to share some puppy love! 10 rescue puppies visited over 20 locations in Colombo, spreading the love and bringing joy. People were also able to speak to representatives from Embark and Uber who were present at the location about the process involved in adopting puppies. The teams were… Read More »

Following a request from the Pooneryn community, Embark launched a crowdfunding campaign to treat, vaccinate and neuter 100 street dogs in Pooneryn. The response has been very enthusiastic and within less than 2 weeks, 70% of the 2500 USD goal has been reached. You can also help us help the street dogs in Pooneryn –… Read More »

The Embark team recently visited homes of some of the adopters. We were glad to see the pups had settled in with the families and were now a part of a happy family unit. Puppies initially take a few days to settle down and the initial days are often busy days trying to get the… Read More »

Weli was rescued from Welipenna with a severe skin rash. He was just skin and bone when he was picked up and is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. Weli seems to be a young dog but the lack of food and harsh living conditions have taken its toll on him. Would you like sponsor… Read More »

The team carried out mobile treatment visits last week to several locations in and around Colombo treating street dogs with skin irritations and other minor injuries. Most often street dogs are looked after by a community and it makes it easier for us to help them.

10 lucky pooches found their forever homes on the 26th of February at our adoption day. An interactive kids event also took place alongside the adoption day where the kids engaged with the Embark team and were made aware about responsible pet ownership and compassion to all animals. All pups adopted will be visited in… Read More »

9 out of 15 puppies found their forever homes at our recent adoption program in Ja ela. Some of the pups that were brought for the program were rescued from very difficult situations and it was heartwarming to see them finally find their own families.

A dog with a severe skin condition was spotted at the Welipenna Service station and he was rescued by our team. He was extremely thin, and had several open wounds all over his body. Weli will receive the necessary treatment and go back to the service area once he recovers.

The Embark Puppy Adoption Day will be held on the 11th of February at the Ja Ela K Zone from 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm. All puppies are vaccinated and sterilized. Please check our FB page for more details.

Turbo was adopted at our recently concluded adoption day in Colombo. The family sent us a few images of their beloved Turbo enjoying his new home. We are glad he found a kind and loving family to call his own.

Peli was rescued from Peliyagoda last week with a cancerous tumor on his neck. He will need extensive treatment until he is completely healed, after which he will go back to his community.

Sunday was rescued by otara on Sunday from the streets of Bambalapitiya. She is either lost or abandoned. Sunday had an infected leg and was barely able to walk. She is quite friendly and will be with us until her treatment is complete and we hope she will be reunited with her family or a… Read More »

23 puppies found their forever homes on Sunday at our very first adoption day in Colombo for 2017. All pups were adopted by families with who have to commit to certain criteria to ensure the dogs live happily in their new homes. The team will be following up on them over the next few weeks

15 Students from the Asian International School paid a visit to the hospital recently bearing gifts such as shampoo, towels, food for the sick dogs. The group took a tour of the premises, helped bathe some of the dogs, spent time with them and learnt of the suffering these innocent animals go through. They were… Read More »