Duke was rescued earlier this year from mount Lavinia beach with an extremely bad skin condition.   He had no fur at all and was very weak weak. Within a few weeks of treatment, Duke turned out to be a handsome, energetic young dog. At our final adoption day for the year 2016, he found… Read More »

A sterilisation and vaccination programme was organised at the Pulmudai Temple from the 13th – 15th of December. A total of 16 dogs were vaccinated and sterilised in the area including those at the army camp. Mini CNVR programmes such as this one, help manage the dog population and keep communities safe and happy.

20 puppies found their forever home at our final Colombo adoption programme for 2016.We at Embark would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our amazing team of volunteers who supported our adoption programme ensuring the pups were hydrated, cages cleaned etc. A big thank you also goes out to all fosters who gave these… Read More »

Held on the Saturday the 17th of December, 2016, nine rescue street pooches found their forever homes in Ja ela. Despite the rainy weather, people still gathered in the hopes of taking a puppy home for Christmas this year. We are confident that all pups went to good homes and the team will be following… Read More »

With classic, festive colors and pooch-inspired slogans, Embark recently launched “Let Your Heart Sing,” a Christmas Collection with an unique cause. Featuring pashionable people from all walks of life and rescued street pooches, the new line reflects the passion and commitment that underlies the brand. In keeping with the spirit of the season, customers can… Read More »

Sandy and George, two of our permanent dogs found their forever homes this month. Both of them were rescued off the streets with severe skin conditions and wounds on the body. With months of treatment and care they grew into healthy, happy and beautiful dogs with loving personalities. Sadly no one wanted to adopt them… Read More »

Fay was rescued from Hendala, Wattala in November, 2016. She has a severe skin condition and was emaciated when rescuers found her. They tried their best to get her friendly for a few weeks by giving her a little food each day. Once she got more comfortable with people, Best Care picked her up for… Read More »

A Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release (CNVR) programme was carried out from 8th -12th November, 2016 and 17th – 27th November, 2016 in the Moratuwa Municipality area in partnership with the Moratuwa Municipal Council. The program was fully funded by Lush Charity Pot a UK based Animal Welfare Organization. The veterinary partners were Best Care Animal Hospital. All the… Read More »

11 out of 24 pups found their forever homes at our adoption program in Kandy earlier this month. All pups waited patiently (and some impatiently) to meet their new families where they would finally find a home in time for Christmas. The team will be following up with the new adopters in the weeks to… Read More »

The final Embark Adoption Day for 2016 in Colombo will be held on Sunday, December 11th, 2016 from 2.30 – 5.00 pm at the ODEL store Car Park. All pups are sterilised, vaccinated and looking for forever homes this holiday season. Give a rescue pup a home this Christmas and make their puppy dreams come… Read More »

Embark launched an awareness campaign on the repercussions of caging dogs this week. Caging is a popular “convenience practice” that is often used on dogs in Sri Lanka. It deprives dogs of the opportunity to fulfill some of their most basic needs, such as the freedom to walk around, the opportunity to relieve themselves, and… Read More »

Fred is a grumpy old pooch who was brought to the hospital with a large tumour on his neck that was found to be malignant. He is currently receiving treatment and is recovering slowly, but old Fred has a long way to go before he is able to go back to his community. Street dogs… Read More »

Brown-e was rescued from Homagama with a large laceration on his head. His wound was infested with maggots and badly infected. Although many people had seen Brown-e, not many had stopped to help and perhaps if they had his wound would not have been so serious and the pain he had to go through would… Read More »

Human superheroes have fascinated humans for decades and is the inspiration behind the new Embark ‘Super Squad’ clothing collection. The collection stars the label’s real-life street pooch mascots Niko, Bandit and Rozzy. The clothing features eye-catching T-shirts that embody the true spirit of Embark with fun slogans such as “Evil is a bone that we… Read More »

Rocky was found paralyzed, almost unable to stand or walk several months ago. With physiotherapy and intensive treatment Rocky has now fully recovered, though he had to undergo surgery to amputate one hind leg which had nerve damage beyond repair. Rocky has adjusted well to life on three legs and his remaining three legs and… Read More »

The Moratuwa sterilization program will commence on Tuesday, the 8th of November and will be carried out in two phases, 8th – 12th November and 17th -27th November. The focus of the programme is to sterilize the roaming dog population in the Moratuwa area alongside the Moratuwa municipality. The programme is funded by Lush Charity… Read More »

The Puppy Adoption Day in Galle will be held on the 12th of November, 2016 from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm at the Embark store in Galle. Please call 777740129 for more information on becoming the proud guardian of an incredible recue pooch. We guarantee you will be adopting a best friend for life!

Two of our favorite pooches and a wonderful rescue cat found their forever homes last week. Jumbo, Jackson and Park kitty travelled all the way to misty Hatton to their forever home, where they will be doted on by their humans. The families awaited their arrival and were all smiles upon seeing them. Embark will… Read More »

A catch-neuter-vaccination program was held on the 27th of October in Chilaw to sterilise and vaccinate street and community dogs in the area. The programme, organised by Mr Thalangama with Embark’s support vaccinated and sterilized 20 dog and provided medical treatment for two dogs. CNVR programmes ensure that street and community dogs remain healthy and happy… Read More »

The puppy adoption day held on the 30th of October found 11 homes for the beautiful street pooches. Over the next few weeks the Embark team will be following up on the pup ensuring they are settled in well with the new families and both the adopters and the pups are happy and comfortable. Please call… Read More »