The Embark Puppy Adoption Day which was held on the 28th of August helped rehome 23 puppies. Embark will be checking on the adopted pups periodically to ensure they settle in well with their new family. A big Thank you to all the volunteers, fosters and vets who supported us to make this event a success.

Embark was informed of Lucky in January, she had eaten a hakkapatas, an explosive trap set out for wild boar in the jungles, which had shattered her jaw. We brought her to Colombo, hopeful that we would be able to fix her jaw and help her have a better life.

Uber and Embark came together on Friday the 19th to bring UberPuppies to Colombo. This was the first time that we had such a program and we were pleased to see such enthusiasm from many companies who wanted to be a part of these visits.

The Embark Puppy Adoption Day will be held on the 28th of August from 2.30 pm– 5.00 pm at the ODEL Alexandra Place car park. All the pups you will meet have been rescued from the streets and are being looked after into foster care.

The Embark field team conducted onsite visits last Thursday. 7 dogs who could not be brought into the veterinary clinic were treated by Embark’s mobile veterinary service. 1 of the 7 dogs was seriously ill and had to be hospitalised at our partner veterinary clinic. 

Embark together with Best Care Animal Hospital completed a CNVR programme at the Jetwing Yala Hotel on the 11th and 12th of August. The programme was fully funded by Jetwing Yala. A total of 15 dogs were sterilised, 11 were vaccinated and 2 were provided treatment.

We were informed of a dog howling near a public well in Horahena. Bunty was found on Friday afternoon, unable to stand, with gash across her face and ants covering her entire body. She was rescued and is now recovering in hospital. 

20 lucky puppies found forever homes at the last Embark Adoption Day held in Colombo on the 31st of July. Embark Adoption Day was established on Valentine’s Day in 2008. In just a few short years, more than 2000 puppies have been rescued from the streets and placed in loving homes.

Embark offered 25% off merchandise to patrons visiting the Alexandra Place and Ja Ela stores during the month of July to reward them for their loyal support. Embark works on the unique concept of selling trendy pooch themed merchandise to support its welfare work. 

Sam came to us from a mechanic’s garage where one of his legs was crushed under a heavy vehicle. He had to undergo surgery to have his damaged leg amputated. Sam is currently receiving physiotherapy and adjusting to walking on three legs. We expect him to be ready for adoption in a few months’ time.

Little Trip, was rescued from Nuwara Eliya last week with a deep gash around his neck. It appeared that a rubber band had been slipped on to his neck when he was very small and as he grew the rubber band became tighter and started to cut into his neck. The result was a raw, open wound.

In July, the Kothalawela Defence University requested Embark to assist in a CNVR programme to sterilise and vaccinate the dogs on the University premises. Embark together with Dr Roshan Fernandopulle of FOURPAWS Animal Hospital, Kochchikade and a handful of volunteers carried out the programme on the 1st of July.

Nisali was rescued from the Kohuwela Cemetery in June. She is the resident dog, who had a deformed hind leg. She had developed a wound on the leg and needed treatment. Nisali was released back to the cemetery last week.

We first heard about Betsy from Kasun, who had spotted her on the road and taken her home last week. Upon examination at the vet hospital, they discovered she was pregnant! She also had a pelvic fracture.

The Embark Puppy Adoption Day was held on the 6th of August at the Kandy City Centre. 15 pups found their forever homes. All pups are rescues, who are in foster care, they are vaccinated and females also sterilised before being given free to kind homes.

Embark responded to a request to vaccinate the street dogs that live at the Mirihana police station last week. The programme was held on the 24th of July in partnership with the Best Care Animal Hospital. A total of 30 dogs were vaccinated against Rabies.


The Embark Kandy Adoption Day will be held on the 6th of August from 10.30 am – 12.30 pm at the Kandy City Centre – VIP entrance area. All pups brought to the adoption programme are vaccinated, sterilised and ready to go their new homes.

Weekly mobile treatment visits are carried out by the team in response to requests made by the community. These visits are mainly focused on individuals who are unable to support with transport costs.

20 lucky little puppies found forever homes at the Adoption Day held on the 31st of July. In the coming week the field team will check on the pups with a follow up phone call and then ensure they have settled in at their new homes with a home visit within the month.

Duke was rescued from Mount Lavinia in May with a severe skin condition. He had no fur on the body and was not the happiest dog on the beach. With continuous treatment, Duke, changed to become a beautiful dog. He is super friendly, vaccinated and is looking for a home to call his own. Please call 773429025 If you would like to adopt him!





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