The Embark team, along with a veterinarian from Best Care Animal Hospital, carried out a number of treatments and vaccinations in response to requests received from caring citizens. The team plans to continue this program weekly.

Luca, who was rescued with a badly injured hind leg and tail from Ragama in May, went back to his community last week. Luca was brought to our veterinarian, where he immediately underwent surgery to amputate leg and tail, as they could not be saved. He made a speedy recovery, quickly adjusting to life on three legs. He was glad to go home healthy and happy.

The Puppy Adoption Day was held on the 11th of June at the Embark store in Galle. 13 rescued street pooches, all vaccinated and sterilised found their forever homes at the program. The next adoption program will be in Colombo on the 26th of June at the ODEL Aexandra Place Car Park at 2.30pm.

Lucky was brought by Embark to Colombo from Kandy in the hope of finding a solution for her damaged lower jaw.  She was a victim of an explosive called ‘Hakkapatas’ left to kill or maim wild boar.  She survived the accident but found it very hard to swallow her food.

Floody, was rescued during the heavy storms and floods we experienced in May. His family had abandoned their home and left him behind locked in a cage. Frank, who had seen Floody’s appeal for a home contacted us a few weeks later and on the 11th Saturday, he went to his forever home in Galle. It was love at first sight for Floody, Frank and his family!

Missy Elliot, rescued in February 2016 was abandoned on the streets after being used for breeding. She had a severe skin condition and a complication in her gait. After months of treatment, Missy turned out to be a beautiful dog.

Terry was rescued by Dr Nilanthi from Rathmalana, had open, sore wounds on her side. Someone who wanted her out of the neighbourhood had heartlessly poured boiling water on her. Terry was lucky to have been saved and is currently receiving treatment for her burns.

Embark will be at #33 lighthouse street, Galle on the 11th of June from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. All pups brought for the program are rescues who have been in foster care. The pups have been vaccinated, female pups sterilised and socialised during their brief stay at the foster home. If you would like to adopt a street pup, please contact us on 777740129.

Caesar, a Doberman, was rescued by Ms De Silva from Panadura, abandoned on the streets. He had a tumor like growth under his tail. Ms De Silva found Caesar to be extremely loving and friendly but she is unable to care for him permanently.

Sri Lanka experienced a torrential downpour on the 15th of May, which left many parts of the country adversely affected: houses destroyed, lives lost and people and animals stranded. While the army personnel worked on rescuing the people, Embark, Best Care Animal Hospital and a few other rescue organizations worked on saving the lives of animals.

The Embark puppy adoption day will be held on the 29th of May from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm at ODEL Alexandra Place Car Park. All pups are vaccinated and sterilised before they are given up for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a street pup, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hopper was a regular at the Ambepussa Rest House. Each evening as the shadows lengthened she would appear, silently, like a shadow herself. She would accept her dinner and gulp it down before running off to hide again.

We celebrated our adopted street pooches this Sinhala and Tamil New Year, with an Embark Avurudu photo Competition. Entrants were asked to send in photos of how they spend the holidays with their pooch. We enjoyed sorting through several entries that featured smiling pooches taking part in the celebrations with their families. Here are a few of the winning entries!

Sri Lanka has warm weather year round but the past two months have brought intense heat like never before. Pet owners should take extra care of their dogs on hot days. Remember to make sure your dog plenty of shade and clean drinking water at all times.

Otara’s Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations included rescuing little Peanut. He had been attacked by a leopard and suffered a damaged his spinal cord. He was being cared for by army officers in Arugam Bay but without access to adequate veterinary care, they were unable to repair the damage.

Lassy was rescued from the Keells Super in Thalawathugoda. Her entire body was inflamed and causing severe discomfort. She could only walk very slowly and with much pain. Once in the hospital, tests confirmed she had filaria that had progressed into elephantiasis.

Peanut, the pup rescued from Arugam Bay with a spinal cord injury is now walking. He will move in to foster care this week as it will help him socialize better and adapt to a home environment. Peanut will be at one of our adoption programs once his vaccinations are completed. 

Responding to a call, the Embark rescued a Labrador from Ragama, that had been abandoned and left to drown. The owners had left the house due to the extreme weather conditions. Floody is receiving medical care at the hospital.

Embark Puppy Adoption Day was held in Kandy on the 14th of May. 21 pups found their forever homes at the program. The team will follow up within the week to ensure the pups are settling in well with the new families. Thank you to the Kandy City Centre for the location, fosters, volunteers and all those who adopted a rescued street pooch!

The Embark team periodically carries out follow up visits on pups adopted. All rescued pups are vaccinated and females, sterilized before they are re-homed. The adopters are also questioned and sign a MOU which Embark holds them to with regards to conditions of care for the puppies adopted.


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