Embark’s main education programs are conducted alongside large-scale CNVR campaigns that create awareness amongst school children in the selected program areas. The programs include information on how to safely interact with and approach street dogs, methods people can use to keep both themselves and their pets safe from rabies, how to be a responsible pet guardian and information on basic animal care and medical requirements.

Embark also conducts awareness campaigns to keep the public informed of animal welfare issues, to promote kindness, compassion and end cruelty towards animals. Whilst this is done through using traditional mediums, the growth of social media has allowed us to expand our reach and take our message to multitudes of people across the world.
School & Colleges The Otara Foundation is committed to the Education of the heart in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, workshops on Embark’s initiatives have been conducted in the following schools:

  • Gateway College Negombo
  • Elizabeth Moir School
  • British School Colombo
  • Asian International School
  • Chitra Lane School
  • Saegis Campus
  • American College of Higher Education
  • Lyceum International School
  • Singapore Overseas School

  • ICBT Campus
  • Visakha Vidyalaya – Colombo
  • St Thomas’s College Prep – Colpetty
  • Kalutara Balika Vidyalaya
  • Siyane School of Education
  • Ladies College – Colombo
  • AIESEC – University of Colombo
  • Colombo International School
  • MerlionKids International Preschool
  • Kidsdom Preschool Colombo
Spreading the message

Embark envisions a world where humans and animals co-exist in harmony. We strive to create responsible and compassionate communities through education and awareness.

Focusing on future generations

Together with veterinary partners, Embark visits schools to educate students on how to safely interact with dogs, avoid Rabies exposure and practice responsible pet ownership. Additionally, a bi-weekly publication in the “Little Enquirer” on the Daily Mirror promotes a better understanding of dogs amongst young readers.

Educational Sessions

Embark recently conducted educational programs that included puppy petting at MerlionKids International Preschool and Kidsdom Preschool Colombo. These sessions are intended to create awareness of street dogs in Sri Lanka and to teach and encourage children the importance of being kind and compassionate towards all living beings. This is part of an ongoing program conducted by Embark and the Otara Foundation for schools across the country.

Making a change together

Embark works both alone and in collaboration with other organizations to develop widespread campaigns that spread awareness about animal welfare issues and how the public can help.

Creating a better world

A better understanding of animals and how to relate to them leads to happier communities and an end to animal cruelty and pain.

Embark’s interest in improving animal welfare is not limited to Sri Lanka. A team from BOMOSA visited Sri Lanka in September 2014 to receive training in CNVR processes from Embark’s field team. BOMOSA, a non-profit organization in Andorra will be conducting animal welfare work in Ibo, Mozambique. By working alongside other organizations, such as BOMOSA, both locally and internationally, Embark aims to end suffering and uplift standards of animal welfare. 

Embark education programs

Embark also conducted education programs at Visakha Vidyalaya, the University of Colombo and St. Thomas’ Preparatory School to educate the younger generation of Sri Lanka and encouraging them to be compassionate citizens of the future. The sessions were followed by an interactive Q&A and a puppy petting session. These awareness programs spread the important message of kindness and compassion towards all living beings.

Embark also conducted an education program the previous year at the Sri Pathi Vidyalaya in Polgasowita.

106 Students from grade 1-5 were present at the interactive session, where students were involved in moderated discussions on their feelings towards street dogs and understanding their behavior.

The aim of the program was to introduce the welfare work done by Embark and to cover the importance of kindness and compassion towards all living beings

AIESEC volunteers visit Sri Lanka – July 2018

Three groups of AIESEC Volunteers from all parts of the world visited Sri Lanka in 2018 and 2019 to work with Embark over the course of three weeks. They were part of the Paw Prints Program that focused on the importance of creating a better world and living together in harmony with all living beings. The AIESEC Volunteers closely followed Embark’s daily activities and contributed towards our mobile treatment clinics, adoption days, hospital visits, follow-up visits and more.

British School Volunteers at Hospital

4 of the 6 students working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award from the British School in Colombo, visited the hospital on the 22nd of June to meet the doggy patients and learn more about Embark’s rescue and treatment programme for street dogs. They got hands on experience administering treatment to 2 pups and participating in a socialising routine for Ella and Hopper. They were also able to observe the vets at work as they treated several other patients.