The Embark Adoption Day is a weekly event, that primarily takes place at our Colombo location at Dickmans Road. The event, which draws dog lovers from both near and far, matches homeless puppies and adult dogs with suitable, loving families. Adoption Day was started in 2008, and has been held at various locations in Kandy, Negombo, Ja-Ela, Moratuwa and Galle over the years.

Puppies that are rescued from the streets are cared for by their rescuers until they are old enough for adoption. This ‘foster system’ allows the pups to enjoy a temporary loving home, while Embark covers all medical expenses, which most commonly include vaccinations, sterilizations and de-worming. Prior to adoption, Embark arranges for each dog to be vaccinated and if female, also sterilized. Embark also advises that male puppies be neutered when they reach the appropriate age and weight required for surgery as this helps both with population management and behavioural issues.

Adoption Day, which is now an iconic Embark event is held every weekend and has helped almost 7000 dogs find their forever homes.

Every day Embark receives calls from caring people, regarding puppies found abandoned on the streets. Here is how you can help give a puppy a better life.

How do I put a rescued puppy up for adoption?

You can become a foster parent or find a caring foster to give the pups a temporary home. Embark is always in need of good fosters. A foster is someone who can provide a loving temporary home for rescue puppies until they are ready for adoption.

Embark does not run a shelter, as housing a street dog in an animal shelter is not a permanent or viable solution. We believe that most street dogs belong to the community and enjoy a free life as long as they have people to care for them and provide food, whilst ensuring that they are not subject to cruelty or disease. Shelters tend to get overcrowded and also have limits, and there are no shelters that can continually keep taking in animals. Additionally, animals in shelters are likely to spend their days in small spaces and the spread of disease can be frequent and devastating. Therefore, we believe that the best solution to the population and disease complications are sterilization and vaccination programs which address the root of the problem. This coupled with awareness programs on kindness and compassion to all beings and adopting instead of breeding and buying are the only long-term solutions to effectively and humanely handling the street dogs in Sri Lanka.

How can Embark Help?

Embark will support you in getting the pups rehomed through our various social media platforms.


I want to adopt

If you are looking to adopt a pup, follow Embark on social media where we will keep you updated on upcoming adoption days in your area. Choosing to adopt gives many homeless dogs a chance they otherwise may not receive, and you will also feel immensely rewarded by the love and gratitude given by a rescue animal.  Adopting a rescued pup can be the best decision and addition to your family! Call us on +94 773 429 025 or email [email protected] to find out more about adopting.

What happens after adoption?

Embark will follow up with the adoptive family, provide advice and assistance, and check on the puppies’ health and wellbeing following adoption. This is done to ensure that both the puppy and adopting family are happy with each other, and to offer any first time owners extra support that may be required for them to adjust. Should any issues arise we ask that you contact Embark immediately and inform us as we may be able to help you solve the problem or rehome the dog if necessary.