The Embark rescue and treatment program for street dogs has grown to become one of the most significant components of our work. We offer high standards of Veterinary care for homeless dogs at no charge, which is a much needed service in Sri Lanka considering the large numbers.

As our work expanded, the numbers of rescue and treatment requests have also increased exponentially with a monthly estimate of over 1000 calls to the hotline. Each request is assessed by our team and addressed by our veterinarians either in-house, onsite or through hospitalization for more critical cases. Assessments are dependent on several factors; the most important being the consideration of both the physical and mental wellbeing, veterinary advise and the long term welfare of the dog.

Flood rescues

Sri Lanka experienced a torrential downpour on the 15th of May, which left many parts of the country adversely affected: houses destroyed, lives lost and people and animals stranded. While the army personnel worked on rescuing the people, Embark together with Best Care Animal Hospital worked on saving the lives of animals. We were able to rescue 35 dogs and pups. They were later reunited with their owners. The rescues were carried out in Kaduwela, Angoda, Wellampitiya and Kotikawatte areas.

Aranayake Relief Support Alignment

Embark, together with Best Care Animal Hospital carried out a vaccination and treatment program in Aranayake from the 21st to the 27th of July. The programme was funded by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. The team was able to vaccinate 2000 plus owned and roaming street dogs and provide treatment for more than 200. Embark is thankful to the government officials – The Regional Director of Health Services, The MOH and the PHI’s – of the area, for supporting us in making the program a success.

Here is how you can help
Have you seen an injured dog on the street?

Every day a significant number of dogs are injured in road traffic accidents, while several others are dumped on the streets by owners who are unwilling to care of a sick or elderly dog.

Please call the Embark hotline +94 773429 025 if a street dog needs medical assistance or find out more information about how you can help here.


A pet taxi or mobile visit can be arranged in the event of severe injuries such as road traffic accidents. If we are to send a pet ambulance Embark appreciates the details of an onsite contact person or requests that the caller stay with the dog till the veterinarian arrives.


Through our veterinary partners, Embark is able to hospitalize dogs in cases where there is a serious injury requiring a prolonged course of treatment. This however, is subject to the availability of free space at the hospital in order to maintain the high level of care offered to each dog. The most common cause of hospitalization remains due to severe road traffic accidents. In the event the hospital is full, we will do our best to work with you and our vet team to help the dog receive the treatment required to heal.

Volunteer to help the injured

Please consider helping the dogs who are hospitalized by assisting with treatment or simply offering a little love and affection to speed up recovery. Hospital visits are scheduled twice a week during which volunteer participation is valued. All the dogs have been vaccinated against rabies and you will only be asked to handle dogs that are friendly.

Sponsor a special needs dog

Financial assistance is much appreciated in cases where the dog is a long-term patient. Special needs dogs take longer to find homes and often require dedicated sponsors as occasionally a dog may not be able to return to its original surroundings following treatment. Click here to sponsor a special needs dog.

Donate to help us help them

Donations are used to fund treatment: from a simple de-worming tablet that can save the life of a puppy, to a bone pinning that can give an injured dog a second chance at walking. Alternately you can fundraise for Embark, no matter where you are in the world! You can even get some friends together and make it a fun event. Embark will support you by sending Embark material to use for your fundraiser. ­

Back on their paws

Once a dog’s treatment is complete, Embark will attempt to find a loving home to take in the healthy dog. In the case of community dogs, he or she will be returned to a community contact person, and regular follow-ups are conducted to ensure these dogs remain safe and cared for.