Rescued from Pugoda in 2021, Platon came to us with a spinal injury after meeting with an accident. Despite months of treatment, he is still not able to walk well and could not go back to his community. Now, Platon spends his days happily at a sanctuary, where many of our special needs animals reside.… Read More »

Kokis was rescued and brought to us in June 2019 as a victim of a road traffic accident. She received physiotherapy and medication but unfortunately due to the severity of the damage to the spine, Kokis was not able to walk again. Today, she spends her days with others like her at a sanctuary. To sponsor… Read More »

Sweet Melissa was a victim of a car accident, that left her permanently disabled. Despite the difficulties that she has faced, her sweet nature has not changed. Melissa is now able to live a happy life at a sanctuary, with other special needs dogs. If you are able to cover her monthly expenses ($100), please… Read More »

Bambi came to us paralyzed due to a road traffic accident. She also had a severe skin condition at the time of the rescue. Bambi had several infected wounds on her hind legs and had little chance of walking again. Day by day the wounds healed and she got better but she is unable to… Read More »

Like her namesake, the famous “Daffy Duck”, our own little Daffy is the sweetest dog who loves to talk with everyone. She is very gentle and loves to make friends. When Daffy came to us, she had fractures on both forelegs and open wounds, which had caused irreversible damage to the bones. Since then, she… Read More »

Kelly was rescued from Dehiwala Kawdana in July 2021. She was suffering with fractures and permanent damage to the spinal cord when she came to us. Kelly is a friendly girl and she now lives in a sanctuary, where she receives the daily care that is needed. If you would like to sponsor Kelly’s monthly expenses, she… Read More »

Rescued as a little pup in 2018, she met with an accident which caused her permanent paralysis. The little girl was a fighter and was not one to give up just yet. Ivy has now grown to be a beautiful dog and enjoys her days with the other special needs pooches…If you would like to… Read More »