Hope came to us in May 2017 with a severe skin condition. She had also developed a small nodule on her right forelimb. Upon further examination, we found that she was positive for a type of skin cancer which had now spread to her left foreleg. Hope’s skin rash has healed but she needs more… Read More »

Windy was rescued from Wijerama. He was paralyzed after been hit by a vehicle. He now lives at the dog care sanctuary where he is receiving physiotherapy and daily treatments that he requires. If you would like to sponsor Windy, please contact us or donate on www.otarafoundation.com/donate-now/

Daffy is a little brown beauty of around 8 months and a beholder of sweetest puppy eyes. Like her namesake, the famous “Daffy Duck”, our own little Daffy too loves to talk. She is a very gentle pup and loves to make friends. When Daffy came to us, she had fractures on both forelegs and… Read More »

Rana was rescued from the streets of Moratuwa in November with a severe skin condition. She was abandoned by her owners because she was sick. She was sad, scared and desperate. With the love and care that she is receiving from Embark she is now on the road to recovery and getting her fur back. If you would… Read More »

We found Maisy with a cancerous growth on her body and unfortunately her fore limb had to be surgically removed due to these growths. She is still receiving treatment for her cancer. If you would like to sponsor Maisy’s treatments please contact us or donate on www.otarafoundation.com/donate-now/

Little Riley was rescued from Ragama. Doctors think a hit and run caused a fracture on his spine which led to paralysis but thankfully as Raily is a pup he has already begun to bear weight on his hind legs. The Vets are confident that he will be able to walk normally again soon. To… Read More »

Misfit came to us with a head injury when she was just a tiny pup. Misfit has been with us for quite some time and we are thrilled to see her improvements. She does not show any sign of a head injury now but she still needs sometime to recover.  To donate towards her treatment… Read More »

Sachiko was rescued from Seeduwa with a maggot infested wound on her head. She is about 5 – 6  months old. Sachiko would have been in a lot of pain due to the deep wound but thankfully she is responding well to the medication. Donate now www.otarafoundation.com/donate