Rescued as a little pup in 2018, she met with an accident which caused her permanent paralysis. The little girl was a fighter and was not one to give up just yet. Ivy has now grown to be a beautiful dog and enjoys her days with the other special needs pooches…If you would like to… Read More »

Windy was rescued from Wijerama. He was paralyzed after been hit by a vehicle. He now lives at the dog care sanctuary where he is receiving physiotherapy and daily treatments that he requires. To sponsor Windy’s monthly expenses, he requires $150 dollars a month for his medical and food bills. Can you please help sponsor Windy?… Read More »

Daffy is a little brown beauty of around 8 months and a beholder of sweetest puppy eyes. Like her namesake, the famous “Daffy Duck”, our own little Daffy too loves to talk. She is a very gentle pup and loves to make friends. When Daffy came to us, she had fractures on both forelegs and… Read More »

Bambi came to us paralyzed due to a road traffic accident. She also had a severe skin condition at the time of the rescue. Bambi had several infected wounds on her hind legs and had little chance of walking again. Day by day the wounds healed and she got better but she is unable to… Read More »

Rescued from Ratmalana in February 2020, Rollof is a beautiful dog who unfortunately suffered a traumatic spinal injury. Rollof has the sweetest temperament and loves being with people. He is currently spending his days at Dog Care Clinic, our partner clinic where many paralyzed dogs we rescue are cared for. To sponsor Rollof’s monthly expenses, he requires… Read More »

Kokis was rescued and brought to us in June 2019 as a victim of a road traffic accident. She received physiotherapy and medication but unfortunately due to the severity of the damage to the spine, Kokis was not able to walk again. Today, she spends her days with others like her at a sanctuary. To sponsor… Read More »

Rescued way back in 2017, Shirby is again a victim of a road traffic accident. She suffered serious injuries to her spine which left her paralysed. Shirby currently spends her days at the sanctuary. To sponsor Shirby’s monthly expenses, she requires $150 dollars a month for her medical and food bills. Can you please help sponsor… Read More »