A Lankan Policemen and His Dog, Sensi

 Sensi, the resident dog at the Bambalapitiya Police Station in Colombo, found herself pregnant and then also the victim of a car accident late last year. She hobbled back to her home with a fractured leg where her carers searched in vain for a solution. Their first vet visit yielded an unsettling verdict, surgery to set right her injured leg would require her pregnancy to be aborted.

They turned to Embark in desperation and our veterinary partner, Best Care, offered them the option of a splint until Sensi was able to give birth. For Sensi’s good fortune her leg healed with just a sturdy splint. When she was ready for release, a young constable came to take her home. The constable travelled almost two hours to get to the veterinary hospital, walking the last four hundred meters through dust and gravel caused by road construction. Undeterred, he walked back again carrying the now heavily pregnant dog in his arms. The kindness, compassion and loving care of several people who came together in her time of need, made it possible for Sensi to return home healed and happy, in time to deliver five healthy puppies.