Project Anuradhapura was conducted by Embark to sterilize, vaccinate and treat 1,000 street and owned dogs in Anuradhapura.Phase one was a 20 day programme which successfully concluded with a total of 940 anti-rabies vaccinations, 695 sterilizations 818 treatments. It was supported by Foundation Brigitte Bardot, Paris and the veterinary work is carried out by TAPA… Read More »

Introduction An expansion of Embark’s Sigiriya Project, teams are working closely with the Dambulla Municipal Council authorities to carry out a comprehensive sterilisation and vaccination programme within the area. High traffic areas such as the Dambulla rock temple and other notable cultural sites will also be covered by the project. Partners Funded by the Brigitte… Read More »

Introduction The project follows a comprehensive and sustainable approach to control the roaming canine population, eliminate rabies, and create a safe environment for communities, dogs, and tourists. Initially targeting locations with concentrated numbers of roaming dogs like the Sigiriya rock and surrounding areas. Partners Funded by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Embark, and Jetwing Hotels Sri… Read More »

ntroduction Initiated in November 2011, the three to four year project targets the entirety of the Maharagama DS Division (population 185,193). The project focuses on stray dog population and rabies control via surgical sterilisation and comprehensive anti-rabies vaccination. This is supported by an education programme which focuses on creating awareness and educating the public; nurturing… Read More »

Introduction Responding to a request from the Jaffna Mayor’s Office, the Jaffna project was launched in March 2014 with a sample dog count conducted by the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance (TAPA) and the Jaffna Public Health Depatment. The project covers the entirety of the Jaffna Municipal Limits (population 90,300), and focus on surgical sterilisation, anti-rabies vaccination,… Read More »