Embark opens standalone store in K-Zone, Ja-Ela

The pooch-inspired fashion brand opened its 10 th store at K-Zone, Ja-Ela on the 29 th of September.

Embark portrays the rising trend of brands which are backed by a purpose of goodwill. The brand is well known for its association to a positive social cause by focusing on selling a range of clothing that communicates a message of improving the lives and supporting the street dogs of Sri Lanka.

“Embark is a brand that targets the new and growing socially-conscious consumer. I believe that the shopping of the future should have a direct link to support social causes in order for us to prosper as a society, in a country where all lives are equally valued,” said Otara Gunewardene, entrepreneur and founder of Embark.

Embark Stores offer an all-inclusive shopping experience for your family, including your pooch friend, with an array of fun and fabulous graphic tees, flip-flops, bags, and colorful fashion and doggie accessories. All profits are channeled towards rescues, treatment, vaccination and sterilization programs and adoption days that are conducted three times a month.

The opening at Ja-Ela is just another step towards Embark’s mission of reaching the far corners of our island with its philosophy of leading a compassionate lifestyle.