Embark Puppy Adoption Day – Kandy and Colombo

Embark concluded 2 consecutive puppy adoption days in Kandy and Colombo during the 1st half of January.

The Kandy adoption program was held on the 9th of January at the Kandy City Centre and 18 pups found their forever homes.

The program was made possible with the assistance of Tikiri Trust based in Kandy. A wonderful effort was made by Dr Mahesh our veterinary support for the day and the Embark volunteers to get the 18 pups rehomed.

The Colombo Adoption Day was held on the 10th at ODEL Alexandra Place. 11 pups found homes at the program. Despite the event being held at a different location, many people committed to change a life by adopting a street pooch made the effort to find the event.