A bullet lodged in her spine, Ally came to us defeated and struggling to walk. Her hind legs were found to have been completely paralyzed and feet injured due to her unsuccessful attempts to walk. However, over the two years that she has been with us, Ally has changed dramatically and now walks with the help of a cart.

She is currently in foster care, safe and happy.

After a range of treatments such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, using a dog wheelchair and harness exercises, Ally has now begun to walk by herself, although her dysfunctional legs cause her to fall every few steps. Her determination is truly inspiring and it is heartwarming to see Ally grow stronger every day, reaching a full recovery. This sweet and gentle dog is one of a kind, and has won the hearts of many. So take a chance and have your heart won by her! Sign up for a meeting with her or sponsor her for a week, a month or a year!!