One rainy Friday evening in April 2015, Shashi was discovered having rolled down an embankment and struggling against the current of a swelling stream. Her panicked barks attracted the attention of a passerby who quickly helped the frightened dog to safety. As she lay shivering on the pavement, muddy water trickling down her fur, her rescuer noticed one hind leg hanging limp and broken.

The Embark field team went in and brought Sashi in for treatment.

Shashi needed her broken bones pinned, a lot of rest and a lengthy course of physiotherapy. Treatment began and her photo was put up on Facebook with an appeal for funds to support her through her long hospitalization.

A few days after Shashi’s surgery Embark received call. The caller, Sudari, told a curious story. A year ago she had relocated her family from Kurunegala to Ratmalana. They had also brought their dog, Browny, with them but confused and unsettled by the move, she had run away. The distraught family had searched in vain for their beloved pet and eventually given up. Sudari could not believe her good fortune when her lost pet unexpectedly popped up on Embark’s Facebook page.

 Shashi stayed with Embark for a few months until her leg was completely healed and in October returned to Ratmalana, where Sudari and her family were waiting to welcome her back.