Volunteers are essential for our work and as we expand our reach, Embark is always on the lookout for more help. Volunteers help with Embark events, at our partnered veterinary hospital and on follow-ups and rescues alongside the Embark team. Our volunteers also act as brand ambassadors, consistently educating and creating awareness whilst also raising funds for the cause.


Please drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all volunteering related queries. You can fill and submit the Volunteer Form  Here.



How you can help:

Adopion Day:

The Embark Adoption Day takes place at least three times a month. This is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in most rewarding aspect of what we do – finding forever homes for street dogs and puppies.Adoption Days are happy occasions where lovable street pooches given a chance to find caring families and it really is one of the best volunteer opportunities Embark offers.





  • Adoption Day is held three times a month, in and out of Colombo. Volunteer duties:

Volunteer duties:

  • Preparing for the event - assemble dog pens, fill water bowls, assist fosters with puppies, arrange chairs, sweep the area etc.
  • During the event – promote puppies to adopters, answer questions, assist fosters, clean cages if soiled, refill water etc.


  • Closing up – clean up and disassemble pens, stack chairs, sweep the area etc.

Visiting the Hospital:

The Animal Hospital is a special place that brings hope to many sick and injured street dogs. A big part of what we do involves rescuing street dogs that have met with unfortunate accidents on the road and at the hands of people.


Hospital visits are important because by visiting the dogs we can stay up-to- date on their progress. And you would be surprised by just how loving and affectionate these dogs are even though most of them have had a less than desirable life on the streets. It is a great opportunity to understand the need for services such as Embark, which really are their only hope.



  • Once a week

Weekend Volunteer duties:

  • Bathing dogs
  • Applying skin lotion
  • Assisting with physiotherapy
  • Exercising dogs

Fundraising for Embark:

Embark’s field work is mainly funded by the sale of Embark merchandise but given that there are over one million homeless street dogs that need our help, these funds are not nearly enough. You can raise funds for sterilization and vaccination, treatment for the sick and injured or for general support. Here are some figures to show that even the smallest contribution is useful.

  • Cost of a sterilisation – Rs. 2850
  • Cost of an anti-rabies vaccination – Rs. 650

You can raise funds for Embark, no matter where you are in the world. You can even get some friends together and make it a fun event like a Bake Sale or Food Fair. Embark will support you by sending you some Embark souvenirs to use for the promotion. Here are some fundraising ideas you can use:


  • Bake sale
  • Car wash
  • Till collection
  • Personal challenge like a walk, bicycle ride or marathon
  • Fund raising in your work place


Embark is always in need of good fosters. A foster is someone who can provide a loving temporary home for a rescued puppy or puppies until they are ready for adoption. Embark requires that each puppy be vaccinated before adoption and if female, sterilized. Volunteer duties:

  • Provide meals and clean drinking water.
  • Provide shelter – a loving home environment is ideal
  • Provide transport – to veterinary clinic and to Adoption Day
  • Manage treatment or medication – only in the case of a sick dog if prescribed by veterinarian.

Finding Sponsors:

A sponsor is someone who will donate funds on a regular basis. We have many special needs dogs who require sponsorship. These dogs are with us permanently because despite their wonderful personalities and ability to go about their business quite independently, they are seen as less than perfect and no one has yet come forward to adopt them.

Sponsors to support rescue dogs who are with us for long-term treatment, are also welcome.

You can use the stories of the special needs dogs to find sponsors for the dogs. It can be anyone: local or foreign, a group of people, a corporate or a school. Speak to us for details of each dog and their costs.

Carrying out follow up visits after adoptions:

After Adoption Day is over and the puppies go to their new homes, we make a follow up phone call to find out how everything is going. In some cases, it is necessary to visit in person to ensure the puppies are looked after well and that the new owners are happy. You will be given a list of names, addresses and contact numbers along with a form to be filled out on each dog. Volunteers will conduct follow up visits in pairs and will be provided transport. Please bring a snack and bottle of water with you.

Volunteer duties:

  • Call owners before visiting
  • Fill out form with details of the dog
  • Take clear photographs of dog with owner