Moratuwa CNVR Program

The Moratuwa sterilization program will commence on Tuesday, the 8th of November and will be carried out in two phases, 8th – 12th November and 17th -27th November. The focus of the programme is to sterilize the roaming dog population in the Moratuwa area alongside the Moratuwa municipality. The programme is funded by Lush Charity Pot UK, a leading animal welfare organization in the UK and the veterinary support is provided by Best Care Animal Hospital. The location of the programme will change within the Moratuwa area so stop by our facebook page for updates.

The CNVR programme aim to administer anti-rabies vaccines, sterilisations and minor treatments for street and community dogs in the Moratuwa area, ensuring that the dogs and the communities they live in are healthy and happy.