When Embark found Sundance, along with Missy in January they were in a miserable state. They were taken into the care of Embark after receiving a call from two compassionate ladies who cared for the dogs while they were on holiday in Sri Lanka. At the time of the rescue, Sundance was in a terrible condition suffering from an acute skin disease with barely any fur on her and she had been severely neglected. With the love, attention and care showered upon her by Embark and the vets, Sundance transformed to be energetic and an affectionate dog.

Sundance was adopted in April and taken to a new home in Gampaha. Embark was sorry to let her go but was glad to see her in safe hands and as part of a happy family.

The Embark team who visited Sundance in her new home yesterday was greeted with immense excitement and delight. Sundance was in the midst of a host of dogs and cats who were part of her new family. On the day of her arrival to her new home she had been inspected by her new comrades and accepted instantly. She was at ease not only with the dogs and puppies but also the numerous cats.

It was a joy to see Sundance dash around her new home and play with her large number of friends. She has regained her liveliness and true to her name, Sundance dances and prances about her spacious home. Receiving much love, warmth and care from her new family she spends her time in happiness free of fear.

Sundance finds a new home! Sundance finds a new home! Sundance finds a new home! Sundance finds a new home!