With shaggy brown coats of fur, Shane and Lara are energetic to say the least! If you saw Shane or Lara rollicking in the garden of their home, or playing with their family members, you would think they had lived there all their lives! However, like several other street puppies in Sri Lanka, Shane, Lara and their sister Rio were found on the roadside, whimpering in the cold wind and damp weather. They were less than a month old, already separated from their mother and her life-giving warmth, without milk or a bite to eat. Left alone in those conditions they would have been hard pressed to survive more than a week alone.

Fortunately for them, they were found and taken into foster care by a family in the area. Saved from speeding vehicles, withering cold and starvation, Shane, Lara and Rio slowly adjusted to their foster home, and made their way into the hearts of their new family! Their foster parents soon called Embark to help vaccinate and find new homes for the puppies. After giving them their medical checkups, shots and de-worming, Embark was able to get the word out via web, e-mail, social media and newspapers. The team was overjoyed when a gentleman came forward to adopt Shane and Lara within the same week. Rio had already gotten so attached to her foster family, that she became a permanent part of their home!

Shane and Lara have come a long way since they were picked up off the streets, and now almost an year old, with their gorgeous coats, brown eyes and ever-wagging tails, it’s hard to believe that these beautiful dogs were once on the streets and might not be alive today if not for the immediate action of a caring family!

All it takes is a single act of kindness to change the world for a street dog or puppy, so next time you see a litter of puppies on the street, by a market stall or huddled inside a drain – don’t turn a blind eye, adopt. If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, help spread the word and find a rescued puppy a kind home.