Dottie’s story is all about determination and a will to live - which is truly unique to special needs dogs!

After being hit by a vehicle on the Kelaniya main road, Dottie was thrown onto the curb. Back legs paralysed and shivering in pain and fear, this six month old puppy still managed to crawl toward the stream of students and teachers entering and leaving the nearby University premises. Dottie managed to make his way into the university and was finally noticed by students and lecturers who heard his whimpering cries. They rushed him to a nearby veterinarian who helped treat his wounds, but said that Dottie doesn’t look like he would be able to walk again. The concerned lecturers called Embark the same evening, and Dottie was hospitalised in a partnered veterinary clinic soon after.

Brimming with all the energy and inert joy of a six month old puppy, Dottie didn’t let his injuries bear him down. He responded brilliantly to treatment, and with weekly physiotherapy slowly began to walk once more! Another happy dog thanks to the caring hands of concerned citizens and doctors.

Dottie’s story had an even happier ending when a family in Kaduwela read about him and called Embark about adoption. They wouldn’t rest till Dottie finally wobbled into his new home and greeted his new family! Now happy in his forever home, Dottie can truly live out his life with all the exuberance and will to live that the accident couldn’t rob him of.

Dottie Finds a Home Dottie Finds a Home Dottie Finds a Home Dottie Finds a Home