"The first time Sunglass came into my life was when I got a call from Embark asking if I could foster a puppy for a few days until adoption day came along. Being Christmas, I did not have any kennel space available so I agreed to take the puppy in provided she could share with my 6 year old Doberman - Loki. And when Loki met her, it was love at first sight! The few days that Sunglass spent with us, Loki and she did everything together. They played, they ran, they destroyed a sheet- in Sunglass, Loki found everything he had ever wanted in a girl. He even let her eat from his bowl, and believe me, when it comes to Loki and food, he hates to share. When Sunglass left for adoption day, Loki had to walk her to the Embark van because she would not come without him. As the van drove off, Loki watched it until it disappeared down our road.

Sunglass did not find a forever home that day, and when we heard we decided to keep her forever and reunite the young lovers. Now, Sunglass has settled in with our dogs and has taken to life at Haven like a fish to water. She is a very social animal and loves to play with other dogs. It is quite a humbling feeling when one adopts a dog. I always think that it takes so little to make them happy. A dry, clean place to sleep, a hot meal, and a few friends, and voila- you have a dog that enjoys every minute of being alive! So thank you Embark for our girl and thank you Sunglass for being you."

Sunglass find a new homeSunglass find a new homeSunglass find a new homeSunglass find a new home