Nina’s story has been a long one. She was found almost suffocating and shaking in fear, bent in half inside a cardboard box. Bound from head to foot with a thick rope that was biting into her flesh, snout tied and with a cloth bag tied tight around her head. Thanks to some nearby construction workers and a kind lady who found her, Nina was soon released from her binds and given some food as she slowly calmed down.

Scared, weak and helpless, but also hopeful - Nina was taken to a veterinary clinic where her wounds were dressed and she finally went to sleep with a meal in her belly. After receiving treatment for her mange, Nina recovered quickly under the care of doctors who truly have a passion for working with animals.

Nina has come a long way since she was rescued from the streets and saved from the agonizingly slow death to which her previous owner had left her to. Her fur grown back, weight back to normal, active and cheerful throughout the day – Nina finally went to her new home this December! Its been a long road for Nina and the Embark team, all of whom are glad that this girl’s road ended with her going into a great home with a kind family!

Nina finds a New Home!Nina finds a New Home!Nina finds a New Home!