I belong to a family of dog lovers.

Buddy, Lassy and Fluffy are very happy street dogs who get along well and love to be part of the family. One bright day, Fluffy had tried his luck following the Domestic to the market and she was taken unawares. Even though the domestic returned, Fluffy did not.

Expecting Fluffy to find his way back, we waited patiently but there was no return of him. We organised a search party and went looking for him on the streets. He never answered our call, nor was he spotted anywhere on the roads. The children were very sad that he had not come back even after a month. Even the Dogs missed him very much.

After more than a month of waiting, we decided it was time to fill the void our dear Fluffy had left. I searched the web and discovered that Embark was giving away puppies to kind homes.  I did not hesitate to visit the lady who found the puppies and made arrangements to pick up one. The puppies were only a month old and were very cute! I realised that if I was to take one away, the other would definitely miss him. Therefore, on the spur of the moment I decided to take both puppies home with me. They would be Brownie and Skunky, I thought, because they were both brown in colour, but one had a black strip running down his spine.

Having brought them home, I had no difficulty in introducing the new comers to my dogs. It was amazing to see how well the Dogs welcomed the little Puppies.  A week later the Puppies were settling in well, running around the place and having fun with the other dogs and one day to our amazement...Fluffy finds his way back home! It was rather strange since we had hunted for him so much and could not find him. However, we have no regrets as we are happy to have 5 Dogs with us now. Buddy, Lassy, Fluffy, Brownie and Skunky!

As the saying goes……a Dog is man’s best friend.

Don’t hesitate to adopt a street pooch…. open your home to a loving friend!

Michelle Wijesinghe

A four-legged family of five!A four-legged family of five!A four-legged family of five!A four-legged family of five!