The very first time a little child picks up a puppy and cradles it in their arms is most often the outcome of; several weeks of foster-care, regular visits to the vet and many days of calls and advertising.  Yet it’s only the first step in a long journey for both the new owner and their pooch.

Following-up with new owners is one of the most rewarding parts of our work. Watching adopted puppies grow up with their own character and habits and hearing of how they’ve worked their way into a new home is indeed heart-warming.

With all good things however, we have also encountered a few cases where adopters have rushed into taking on the cutest and smallest puppy on impulse and have realised only later, that there is much time and effort needed to bring up a younger puppy!

From offering free vaccinations and sterilisations, to giving advice on training, grooming and treatment for new adopters - the Embark team is here to help!

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