Pulun, a very special pooch who was dumped on the streets after a botched surgery, and rescued by the Embark team has found a new and loving home with a kind gentleman in Colombo. She is already well acquainted with her new surroundings, and is happy and safe with her proud new family!

Pulun greeted us with a sharp bark and several tail wags as we went to see her again last week. Curled up in her beautiful new dog-bed, Pulun is very much the queen of all she surveys at her new home! "I've been feeding her up on sausages, chicken and fish" said Newton, as he picked up his big baby and let her lick his face. Pulun's eyes are sharper than ever with her youthful energy and her beautiful white coat has grown out nicely - testament to the great food, love and care she receives!

Pulun's disability is barely an issue as she wanders about the garden marking her territory! Newton massages her legs daily, and a team of qualified veterinarians are also working closely with Pulun to help her regain use of her legs through physiotherapy. The leg that was permanently damaged by the failed surgery cannot be corrected, but she is expected to regain almost full use of her other leg with time!

The Embark team is very grateful to everyone who helped find this beautiful girl a home!

Pulun finds a new homePulun finds a new home