I clearly remember the day… Well, it was an ordinary day, until I went online to my facebook account and saw a video clip posted by a good friend of mine (Carl Paul). It was a video of an adorable little puppy with some kind of a disability, who was in a desperate need of a loving & caring home where she would be loved.

The very moment I saw this clip my heart grew heavy. I felt strongly that it's me she was in search of. There were some contact details along with the video clip and I got through to them. I got to know more about the little puppy then, how she had been born with the disability and was having difficulty moving around. I didn't consider this a problem for me because I used to raise disable pups and dogs and still have a completely deaf Dalmatian (Jessica). After talking with Embark, the wonderful people who took care of Piggy (Peggy), they agreed to bring her over to my house! Soon after I spoke to them, I began preparing my other three dogs for the new arrival! We waited anxiously for her to arrive, but were also a bit worried because my male Dalmatian (Dexter) was vicious, and not good with other dogs.

The big day finally came, she came to our home on a Friday evening and I fell in love all over again. After she tried to assert her dominance over our deaf Dalmatian, she pee'd on the carpet and fell asleep! Day by day, as she adjusted to her new home she made me forget about all my own difficulties. She even managed to win over Dexter's heart in less than a week since her arrival! I love all the little things she does that are so unique to her, the way she argues with my husband, how she complains when we try to take her into our room at night, her wanting to spend all day in the garden, and how she barks in the morning asking us to give her some attention. She gives me such a run-around with her seemingly limitless energy, and makes me forget my cares and worries too.

Thank you Embark for letting us have this wonderful pup. She is our baby now. We can't see our life without her. ~Niluka and Dhulara

A modern day tale of puppy love: How Ms. Piggy became Ms. PeggyA modern day tale of puppy love: How Ms. Piggy became Ms. PeggyA modern day tale of puppy love: How Ms. Piggy became Ms. Peggy