Driving home from Colombo one evening I caught a fleeting glimpse of a white dog at the side of the road. I noticed that its front leg was swollen and when any weight was put on it, it would bend the wrong way. I was upset and saddened to see a dog in this condition but I didn’t know what I could do to help. I thought it was a stray dog that had been in an accident. I never expected to see it again.

A couple of weeks later we were passing the same area and I saw the dog again, in the same appalling condition. I resolved to do something about it. I contacted Embark and got their emergency mobile contact number.

About a week later I spotted the dog once again. It was daylight so I could for the first time, pinpoint the rough area where the dog was. I called Simon at Embark and without hesitation he said he would meet me in a few hours at a location near to where I had seen the dog. We met and asked if anyone had seen a white dog with a broken leg. Within 10 minutes we had located the dog and couldn’t believe it actually ‘belonged’ to someone. Simon spoke to the owners and told them that he had to take the dog away for emergency treatment.

That evening Simon told me that not only was the dog’s leg broken in half but it also had a large maggot-infested wound in its paw. With such horrific wounds the only solution was to amputate the whole leg.

After witnessing such cruelty I was extremely concerned about the dog being returned to its ‘owners’. Simon told the owner it would be best to re-home the dog. We knew it would be difficult to find a home for a 3 legged adult dog so although we already have 3 dogs (Bunski, a 13 year old street dog we’ve had since a puppy, and Heidi and Jemimah, 2 year old sisters) and a cat we decided we would try to give this dog a home. We felt that after everything he had been through he deserved a second chance to be loved and cared for in a safe environment.

It took him 2 months to recover after the surgery due to an infection. Finally a few weeks ago Embark brought him to his new home.

Despite being told he was aggressive when he was brought to the vets after just a day with us he had settled in more easily than I could have ever imagined. He has shown no sign of any aggression and I can only assume he was like this before because of the huge amount of pain he was in.

We have named him Rumpole and he has settled in well; loves being cuddled and stroked, and loves dinner time even more! We think he is only a couple of years old as he is quite playful and despite only having 3 legs has no problems running around exploring the garden. He is getting on very well with our other dogs and is fitting in fantastically.

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