A few months ago we were lucky to be able to give a home to two homeless puppies through Embark. Their names are Git and Smiley. Git because he is a git, and Smiley because he smiles a lot! Embark, brought them to us after their mother had got knocked down by a bus and their brother had also passed away. They were tiny and scrawny, but full of personality and love. They are currently in the process of being toilet trained! Our little daughter, now 6 months old carries on conversation with them through the french windows, and she just cannot wait to get better acquainted with them.

In fact Git is such a git that he ran off one day, to explore, and never came back. My husband took Smiley and wandered the roads around our house, and in the end took the car and went around the neighbourhood. Still nothing. One day went by...two days went by, and we were beginning to lose hope, especially since we were due to travel overseas for the Christmas holidays. After endless searching, I made a Lost Puppy poster with a colour photo of Git just before we left and asked my Dad to put it up around the neighbourhood. Within a day of putting up the poster, he got a phone call saying someone saw Git being taken! He even had his collar on, so we can only surmise that he was stolen. The person who came forward said he knew where the house of the person who took Git was, and took my Father there. When he arrived there, lo and behold, there is Git, in a cage, skinny as ever. Unfortunately the culprit was not there, but his elderly parents were, and seeing that Git recognised my Dad and also as they were a bit wary as my Dad said he would call the police, let him bring Git back home. When we heard the news, our Christmas was complete.

Thirusha, Michele and baby Chiara.

Git and Smiley