Nick and Trisha, two diving instructors moved to Unawatuna last year. They noticed a shabby looking dog who had no fur roaming around the premises. They contacted us and we went all the way to Unawatuna to pick this guy up.

Upon examination we also found that he has low blood sugar & a TVT. The vet team monitored his condition and began treatment. Weeks went by and we slowly began to see Scabby improving, not only was his fur growing back, but he was also turning out to be a very friendly and playful dog. As the weeks went by he also made friends with another pup who was at the hospital.

Scabby went home last week and his adopted family was so glad to have him back! He was not the same dog that came to Colombo on October, he was a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality. The pictures say it all!

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