Hope was dumped by the Thalangama tank by her owner to fend for herself or get caught to a water monitor. She was skinny, furless and timid. She would hide by day and appear at night in search of food. It took us three weeks to actually find her after the first sighting. (Yes she survived for 3 weeks without a proper meal and shelter), she was enticed by some food, and on Dec 1, 2012 we brought her to the clinic for treatment.

Dialog, aptly named after her place of rescue, was hospitalized after a road traffic accident. She was in extreme pain and at first it was thought that she had fractured her leg. But it was only an injury. This girl has been with us for 5 months and has recovered well.


Today both of these girls are beautiful and confident and ready to go home. We are thankful to our vets, fosters, donors and to her new owners for giving her a better life.

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