Meet Bingo and Parli, different stories, different lives, yet friends today, who can't imagine a life without each other. Teaching us that, love conquers all things.

My name is Bingo and I lived in a city away from Colombo, I grew up in a place where I thought was home, a car park, comfortable life, food to eat, I walked about where ever I wanted to, ? being the naughty one of the lot. Life seemed good for me; at least that is what I thought… Didn't know what I missing till I met with my destiny…

Now… you might think it is not so, but for me, I found true joy in my very unusual form in the weirdest of places with people I least expected to. One day, I was about my usual business getting on with the day when I was knocked down by a vehicle. I think I lay there for a while, couldn't imagine what happened to me, all I could think was of the juicy bone I hid in the car park?. But I realized life was more than just a bone, when I found out that I had broken both my hind legs in to pieces. A few kind people took me to a doctor and sadly, they had to cut one of my legs off because it had broken in to 4 pieces and the other in to 2! I became a crippled dog, but in my spirit I was still very much whole. I was recovering from my wound and was getting used to walking on three legs, unfortunately I had developed a small wound on my other leg too, I was bleeding but I was hoping I would be healed because I loved to run around and I was just getting the hang of getting about on 3 legs.

But there was no hope for my leg, it had to go, they lay me down and I couldn't get up again… Have you ever felt so helpless? Trust me that is not a good feeling. I could scream but for what, I can't get my legs back. Who would help me up again? Most of all, would anyone want to be friends with a two legged dog like me? My life changed from there onwards, I was a handicap and I didn't know how it was going to end, was there a way out for me?

Have you heard the saying that "In pitch darkness the light shines brightly"? Well, the light did shine brightly for me. I was rescued even in my two legged form, cared for and lavished with love which was beyond what I expected. I can walk about with my two legs most of the time but these kind people gave me a cart; I am bingo on wheels now! I can ride off anywhere I want to, it's super fun!The cart is used most when I want to run about, there is a care taker who helps me with it. I'm so thankful to them, for considering me important enough to care for me this much! I hope as you read this, you can feel the zeal for life in me….

I am now at a yard again, and add to that I have a friend there "Parli" (it'sa funny name right?). He and I look after each other. (Well he does the walking and I do the barking) We are inseparable now, but at the beginning it wasn't so, I know I looked weird so he was looking at me in a funny way as if to wonder what happened to my bottom half! We had trust issues?. Parli also had a tough life; he was just skin and bone when he was brought to the doctor, abandoned and hungry on the road, left to die, how can humans be so inhuman?

Parli and I need to find our forever home in a few weeks, with a big garden, so that we can run like the wind…until we get tired, that is! ?. We are brothers for life and without each other life would surely seem dull. He is one who accepted me for who I am, and for that I promised to sit by him always… We may not have long to be together, but the little we have; we would like to be in one place.

So if you have a heart as big as ours please take us in to your home… we promise you one thing, we will love you till we die...

Life is all about having the right perspective; I choose to always look on the bright side… ? How about you?

If you are interested in adopting Bingo and Parliplease call on 0773429025

Bingo and Parli.. The two very special friends