It was after dark when a kind hearted lady – a customer of ODEL – called to inform our team about an injured dog. Thought to be a victim of a car accident, the injured dog had retreated to a quiet spot, under an abandoned car that was located in a garage near the ODEL Head Office in Rajagiriya. Our team rushed to the site and ascertained that her condition was extremely bad.

Barely alive and badly injured, she had a festering wound on her right forepaw, and was helpless. Her sad face expressed her agony. She had not eaten for a few days and her bones were protruding through a thin layer of skin. She looked as if she had given up all hope of survival.

Our team summoned a mobile pet service in Colombo with a veterinary surgeon. It took another thirty minutes to recover her from the spot safely, without causing further injury. The stench of decomposing flesh emanating from the injured animal caused great concern to those trying to save her. Eventually, the team was able to retrieve the injured dog and rush her to the vet's clinic.

Upon examination at the clinic it was determined that her crushed front paw and leg had to be amputated. She required further treatment for multiple conditions, and the lack of food and liquid during her non-mobile days had weakened her considerably. This also made her recovery painstakingly slow.

Throughout this entire ordeal the love and care given by the clinic staff, our team and other volunteers, seemed to give her the courage to survive. Kept under constant professional care, her condition gradually improved. Despite her condition, she was very co-operative and friendly towards her carers, who decided to call her "Suddi" a name inspired by her shiny white coat.

Today, "Suddi", the three legged dog, is fully recovered and is happily adapting to her new life thanks to everyone who has contributed to Embark. The three months of care by Embark has made her strong and given her a new lease of life.

There are many other cases like Suddi's, where Embark have been called in to co-ordinate rescue efforts and oversee the treatment of injured and sick dogs.

Each case is treated individually. Following the recovery of the injured strays, the healthy dog is usually re-homed or re-introduced into the community where he or she had been previously living, while members of that community are identified to take care of her.

With contributions from customers, co-operation from veterinary colleagues, and the support of our Volunteer Circle, these success stories illustrate again and again the value of Embark's activities. With your support, the progress and success we could each would be even greater.