Jupiter was rescued from the roadside in Biyagama after being hit by a fast moving vehicle which didn't even stop for a second to see his plight. He had crawled away from the road dragging his paralysed back legs and collapsed in a heap on the pavement - where he was found by a kind gentleman who called Embark. Embark's emergency rescue team were able to respond within a few hours and brought Jupiter to a veterinary clinic where he was admitted for treatment.

Recovering from multiple fractures and almost complete paralysis of his hind limbs – Jupiter never gave up and neither did Embark. After more than a month of treatment, physiotherapy and care, Jupiter began to regain the use of his back legs and was able to stand and relieve himself without getting dirty. Shuffling or walking unsteadily, Jupiter greeted whoever walked into the clinic with a friendly tail wag and a bark.

After Jupiter's condition improved and he continued to recover, the next step was for him to go back to his own territory. However, being on the older side and partially disabled – Jupiter and other accident victims or disabled dogs like him cannot go back onto the streets.

The Embark team was overjoyed when Simon, an ardent animal lover came forward to take Jupiter in after seeing Embark's appeal to re-home a special needs dog. In September, Jupiter finally went to his new home - a sprawling farm in Udawalawe, where he could enjoy the rest of his days. Simon, who took Jupiter in has already started working with him towards further improving his mobility!

Jupiter's story is a testament to the unbreakable will of our canine companions, and a tribute to those who have given of their time and money to care for other disabled or special needs dogs like Jupiter.

Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter