My story begins in the streets, where I was left to survive, in this lonely place. Life never seemed easy from the start. It was a struggle to stand up, let alone walk. I was so weak. I didn't have a mother to run to when it was cold, no milk to drink when I was hungry. I can't imagine how I got through the days…and boy being a puppy was tough! I so yearned for love, every time someone passed me by, I looked longingly at their faces, hoping for a rub on my head. I wagged my tail so hard and gave a pretty smile, but none stopped... I moved on eventually, but that void in me was never filled…I made friends and loved walking the streets with them, there was not a place that wasn't sniffed up?, mischief became my second name.

Then came a day that changed my life all over again...It was a dark night and I was about my usual thing, trying to find some food to eat. Then I saw it! A bag on the side of the road, I ran to grab it but I never knew I won't be able to make it to the other side… I was hit by a car, the wheels ran over my hind legs and I lay there, in shock, in pain, they didn't stop to check on me….was I that ugly? I had no one, no one wanted me, memories flashed through my mind of the years gone by and the love I so badly missed, It was going to end that night, I closed my eyes...I would die alone, a nobody's dog, no one cared to love.

My story didn't end there... I opened my eyes in the morning, licked my wounds, I was in so much pain... I dragged my legs to a car park and lay there, I couldn't anymore, and no one bothered to do anything, everyone just passed by going their own way. Thanks to one old gentleman according to my doggy mind, I was taken to a hospital; someone cared enough to help me live again... It was not easy; I realized I'll never be able to walk again, never be able to play with the others and most of all never be able to fill the void in me, it was worse, no one would ever want to take me home right? Or is someone out there who will love me enough to give me home?

It's been a year... I lie there in my cage, every day, thinking of my life, I would love to be able to play with the children, to just lie next to their feet and find bliss... that's all, a dog's demands are few I say, plenty of love and food and you'll have us for life ? .

I walk now, got two brand new wheels!?A cart I heard. I don't feel anything in my hind legs so this helps me get around and see the light, breathe in the fresh air once in a way. The doctors here are really really nice, they know just how to handle me, gentle but never lets me fall, they make sure I get my massages and dip me in the water pool so that I exercise my legs regularly and keep the muscles strong.

I thought when I got hit life would end, it didn't…when I was lying there in the cage I thought that was it, but it didn't… I beat the odds; can I still hope that I would find a home too? Or is it too much to ask? I know there are a few good people out there….it is their hope that kept me alive…that's all that will keep me going too… will you be the one?

"If anyone is willing to give Browny a forever home and find out more details about her, please call on – 0773- 429025 "

Browney….the hope that keeps living…