Browny was found in a drain down Stratford Avenue in Colombo by a kind lady. When she saw the dog in the drain she was heartbroken by what she saw. The dog was suffering due to a huge wound and he could not walk. It was obvious that he was an abandoned dog since he had a collar around his neck which indicates that he would have been an owned dog. In addition to the negligence and rejection by his owners and people in the area, Browny was suffering from severe pain.

Browny’s rescuer called Embark to save the dog. Embark was quick to attend to Browny and admitted him at the veterinary clinic immediately.

Browny had a huge wound in his rectal area and he was diagnosed with a cancerous growth. Browny’s long road to recovery began. After an operation the growth was removed and his wounds were treated. Dedication from the veterinary doctors and the Embark team contributed to Browny’s healing. Browny needed love and attention to help him to recover, since he was neglected for a long time by humans. After two months of treatment Browny was recovering fast and his rough days were over.

By the time his rescuer returned from abroad, Browny had completely recovered. She was happy to see Browny in great health and she did not have the heart to see him on the streets once again. Therefore she was willing to adopt him despite the fact that she already had three dogs to care for! He is in the process of being socialized with the rest of the dogs in his new family. His new family discovered that Browny was an intelligent dog and he would sit and give his paw when he is asked to.

When a dog contracts a disease some owners tend to abandon their dog. Many owners do not realise that most of the diseases are curable. Browny was lucky to be found by someone who cared. He is a friendly, obedient dog who romps around the garden and enjoys his days free of trouble.

The community could be more compassionate towards these faithful animals. It is important to know that dogs with skin diseases, cancerous growths, wounds and injured dogs could be treated and healed. They need medical attention, love and care. You could change a dog’s life by adopting an adult dog or a special needs dog. Older dogs are already house trained and settle in. a special needs dog would need extra care and love since it has been neglected and abused for a long period. By adopting a rescue dog, adult or special needs dog you change the destiny of a dog and in return you would have a faithful companion and experience ceaseless doggy love.

The community can make a difference and reduce the street dog population and the number of dogs which go through trauma due to inhumane acts. As animal lovers, individuals could create awareness, adopt, foster and educate others to create a safer environment for the community and animals. Similar to Browny’s story you could make a change in a dog’s life. Adopt a dog and give them the love care and the home they deserve.

Rescued and re-homed – Browny’s StoryRescued and re-homed – Browny’s Story