Dragging themselves across the floor, rolling around in a doggy wheelchair, running on three legs or occasionally stumbling due to impaired vision; all special needs dogs have something in common. A big, big heart and a zest for life that is often unique to dogs with disabilities.

Many people see physical deformities in an animal as a sign of shortcoming, but this just isn’t true. Nor is it true that an animal with a medical problem is any less of an animal. Special needs dogs only require a little extra TLC. Some require medication, others a special diet and some just need a loving home with a vigilant and patient family. Dogs with disabilities are indeed amazing animals, more than deserving of a family to love them and ready to return that love tenfold.

Adopt a differently-abled dog and open your home to the special love that only a special dog can give.

If you’re thinking about adopting a special needs or older pet, ask yourself these questions;

 Adopt a special needs dog Adopt a special needs dog Adopt a special needs dog Adopt a special needs dog