Bingo is a very special, special needs dog! A victim of a road accident along an empty stretch of highway in Welisara, he was found lying on the side of the road – and was brought to the clinic by a passer-by. Bingo was hospitalised and along with supporting treatments, he underwent surgery on his fractured hip. His wagging tail and friendly demeanour made him an instant hit with everyone at the clinic!

Due to the extent of damage caused by the accident, Bingo was unable to walk – his zest for life however, remained unspoiled! Because of his will to live out a normal life like any other dog, the Embark team worked toward getting him fitted with a supportive doggy-cart which would allow him to walk once again, using his healthy front legs and with two wheels where his damaged back legs could not support him.

Soon after Bingo got used to his prosthetic piece and adjusted to his new mode of transport, the kind gentleman who brought him in agreed to take him in, so that he will be safe in a kind home for the rest of his happy days!

 Bingo Bingo Bingo