I lay there in the rain,

Tattered, battered

Bones poking out from under the skin

Sleepy, hungry, scared, ugly, totally unclean

Poor health, weak bark, no wag in my tail

Silent whining, echoed wailing, Alas! To no avail.


With my weak eyes,

I spotted a silhouette, a wonderful sight,

Nearing to me step by step

Scooped me up in a strong but comfortable, loving grip

I weakly managed to give my kind new owner a satisfying lick


Weeks later, I was leaping and bounding

Unable to thank my caring owners

Ones who fondled me,

Ones who loved me,

Ones who helped me find a family.

All those who entertained me by gifting walks in the park,

A happy long life to the pooch-loving Embark.




Haala Marikar,

Badiuddin Mahmud Girls' School