I'm in the street

Lonely and alone

Gangster dogs everywhere

I feel so scared

No mummy to cuddle

No brother to play 

Homeless and lonely 

I always wished for an owner


No shelter, no food

Having an owner is far more good

One day a group of girls

Wearing doggy T-shirts shining like pearls

Saw me and took me

I was happy with glee


Chorus - I knew where they were from

             They were from embark

             Embark, you make me wag

             You make me wag

             You make me wag

             You all are protectors of my life

             I would always remember you

             Cuz you make me wag!


Now I'm not alone

I found a new family

Kind, loving and caring

I thought I would never be found

I'm popular all over Sri Lanka

Thanks to embark, cuz they made me wag!


Ranuli Palipane