I can remember my mom's caring eyes,

Gazing at me when I was born,

Huddled under her tepid body,

I was carried to a tattered hut in the crack of the morn.


I was battered by the howling wind,

The draughty rain was excruciating,

I was rescued by a considerate Grandma,

Who tended me with discretion.


My hunger was slacked by mouth watering morsels,

As I grew carefree, notorious and cuddly,

'Smiley' I was called for my cute, doggy smile,

Which enmeshed everyone's' warm hearts.


Sheer luck is amazing cause it brought me a comfy life,

I now dwell with my owners' grand kids,

They say I'm comforting and I'm man's best friend,

I wish you could then see my fluffy tail wag!


Vinu Wijeratne

Girls' High School, Kandy