All street dogs:

We are alone, everyday

Hunting for food in every corner

Isn’t world animals’ day today?

Please help us to get rid of this slaughter!


We’ve heard of embark

A dog’s best friend

Healing helpless dogs like a spark

And grooming them for the best trend


Oh please please make us feel special

Since it’s world animals’ day

Embark is so special

On this wonderful special day


We’ve heard about Niko

The lucky dog with luxury

And we, who are always sick

Dying when our sickness becomes worse


Oh, do please think about us

Who are Harmless and homeless

Dying from sickness and without food

Do we deserve a life like this?


World animals’ day isn’t always about loving your pet

It’s also about focusing on we poor dogs

Wounded, homeless, bony and wet

We are also called as dogs


All we want is to feel special

On world animals’ day

Find a new home and live happily

Like every other pet!

Like embark always says, “LOVE A STREET POOCH”.


Ranuli Palipane