A depressing day full of despair has passed,

Shattering my aching heart,

Ignoring the tenacious hunger and thirst,

I hopefully face my friable future.


Huddled under a sweltering corner,

Battered by the chilly night air,

Impaired by a sore ailment,

I reminisce my disruptive past.


Once I was blissful, mischievous and healthy,

The care I received was humungous,

I was petted and pampered in the lap of luxury,

Before I was blotched, diseased and aged.


I was chucked by my rich, vicious owner,

Who ironically is labelled 'considerate',

In depths of despair, my canine thoughts enmeshed,

I await brutal death's ghastly arms.


Vinu Wijeratne