Ah, It’s a life for dogs,

When Embark is around,

They rescue all sorts of pooches,

From poodle to hound,

‘May you prosper’

All dogs they yap,

As kindly staff fondle their fur


The dogs couldn’t look any more majestic,

Fed with sausages and chicken every day,

Their sounds come now in sweet barks or yaps,

And not like a donkey’s bray,

That broken leg or this wounded nose Embark would easily mend,

Well well, Embark, to those stray dogs what a great service you do rend.


You will not keep any dog mourning with a rueful stare,

But to gently ask it why if any torments are faced, it you would bear

And stay there comforting the little pooch until it is happy and gay,

If pooch saving foundations had a report card, I’m sure Id’ give you an A!


Haala Marikar