The 21st of October marked the opening of Embark’s third stand-alone store. The first store was opened in Galle, the second at Bandaranaike International Airport and the third and newest outlet is located in Kandy.

Honey was spotted standing on the roadside in Udumulla with a severe Trans venereal tumour. Despite her obvious discomfort, Honey was friendly and came willingly to her rescuers.

Otara launched yet another Embark concept store recently, which is the third in the last two months.

Located at Level 3 of the Kandy City Centre (KCC) mall, the Embark store is a smaller version of the standalone Embark store in the Galle Fort

A bustling weekend at the temple was the location for our sterilization program. Together with Dr. Roshan Fernadopulle of Four Paws Animal Hospital in Kochchikade completed a total of 35 vaccinations and 28 surgeries on dogs at the premises and outside. This was an opportunity to educate the community on responsible pet ownership and rabies prevention as there were many inquisitive children and adults. 

July was a month where our street pooches met with countless road traffic accidents and Puppy was one victim.

Suranjith informed us about Puppy when he found her with a laceration on her head and leg. She was in severe pain and the wounds were quite severe.

After almost 2 months of treatment, just last week Puppy went home! She was excited to be back and so was the community that cared for her. Suranjith’s sister went from door to door telling everyone that Puppy girl was back!

We are glad that communities come forward to give these street pooches the love and care they deserve.

The monthly adoption day in Colombo was held on August 30th at Alexandra Place. 26 puppies found homes this weekend! For those who truly admired these four legged friends, the rainy afternoon, wasn’t a bother at all!

LB rescued near the LB finance building with a growth on his stomach late June, underwent surgery to remove the growth. He was with us for almost a month before he was released back to his community where his family was awaiting his return.

We completed a sterilization and vaccination program together with best care animal hospital on the 23rd and 24th of June in Arugam Bay.

The response from the community was amazing. And we will go back when time permits us. The program completed 97 sterilizations and 106 vaccinations.


Embark and Best Care Animal Hospital were in Chilaw on the 13th of September and completed a total of 14 treatment, 52 sterilizations and 80 vaccinations on owned and roaming dogs. The program was also supported by Mr Thalangama in Chilaw

We held a very successful adoption day in Ja ela on the 19th of September. 

21 out of 22 puppies found loving homes and we are pleased with the response from the individuals who truly care and love these dogs not just because they are given away free.

We will be in Colombo on the 27th of September and hope it will be a successful program too!


Just as the Sigiriya Program came to a close, the Embark and TAPA teams headed to Dambulla for phase 1 of the cnvr program from the 23rd to the 25th of August. The program was partnered by FBB and the Dambulla Municpal Council (DMC). 145 surgeries and 252 vaccinations were completed



The Otara Foundation, to which Embark belongs, has launched an online appeal, pressing the government to evaluate and pass the new Animal Welfare Bill in parliament. This measure is to ensure Sri Lanka, as a nation, has the necessary legislation in place to protect its animals.

We had a successful adoption program in Colombo on the 26th of July. 21 out of 26 pups were adopted. They all went to kind and loving homes. This would not be possible without our fosters, volunteers and all those who adopted. Take a look!

This palm-sized pup was rescued from Ragama, which earned her the nickname ‘Raggy’.The two month old pup had a hind leg that was crushed beyond repair but her spirits were high, along with her energy level.

The first ever stand-alone Embark store opened its doors on the 12th of September 2015. Nestled amid the old colonial buildings, on the cobbled Lighthouse Street are two floors of pooch-themed clothing, jewellery, homeware and more.

The historic sites in Sri Lanka draw thousands of tourists each year and the street dogs inevitably follow in search of food. Large concentrations of street dogs are found in these areas, as a result.

Embark together with the MOH Maharagama carried out an education program at the Maharagam Buddhist Primary School on the 27th of May. Students from grade 1-5 ( 125 students) were present for the awareness program. The areas covered were responsible pet ownership (RPO), rabies awareness, dog-bite prevention, compassion for animals etc. We will be continuing the program in the months to come at selected schools in the area.

Embark ended the month of August in style with an open air benefit concert, ‘A Hand to Help a Paw’. The event was put together by a group of dedicated volunteers who put their hearts and souls into everything from approaching sponsors to selling tickets and making decorations. A lineup of talented local artistes, all dog lovers themselves, entertained the crowd wearing special edition ‘I supported a dog with special needs’ concert tshirts. A tail-wagging auction added to the proceeds bringing the funds raised to a grand total of Rs 360,000. All proceeds will be used to cover boarding and food costs of Embark’s special needs dogs who have been unable to find homes; medical costs will be borne by Embark.

Pooch Talk

Embark together with Best care animal hospital and the Maharagama Medical Officer of health are working with schools in the Maharagama DS Division to educate primary and secondary school children on how to prevent the spread of rabies, avoid dog bites and to responsibly look after their pets.

As a part of the Maharagama Project, Embark and Best Care Animal Hospital concluded a vaccination program in areas under the Maharagama Municipality. Scores gathered and brought their four legged friends to receive the annual vaccination. The vets also took time to speak to them about the importance of it. Vaccination against rabies is important as it helps the community, the street dogs and helps us live in harmony with them.


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